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    Killamarsh and a group of guest players from Old Silkstone, Dronfield, Maltby, Darley Dale, Carlton and Hepworth are off on this year's annual tour to the Czech Republic and we would like to take some music with local connections.

    We've tried Sokol Fanfare (bit high-brow) and think From the New World Symphony's a bit too long so anyone got any other music suggestions? Are there any Polkas arranged that would be suitable? I also think I read somewhere that Roll out the Barrel was a Czech tune.
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    I'm now confused here! Why do you have to play music from the country you are visiting? I can appreciate respect for your hosts, but if I went to see a German oompah band, Rumanian gypsy brass band or a New Orleans street band I would like to hear what they normally entertain punters with. Anything wrong with exporting our normal repertoire?
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    I think it's always good to offer something relating to the host nation as well as whatever you bring from your own culture. Ray Steadman-Allen's "Melodies of Dvorak" includes several sections that will stand on their own, particularly a couple of the better known Slavonic Dances that usually go down well.

    There's also Fibich's "Poeme" if you want something in a gentler vein, or one of the Fucik marches for something more electrifying.
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    I suppose a performance of 'Prague' is out of the question then???;)

    How about some Smetana (polka/overture out of Bartered Bride?) or a Dvorak Slavonic dance? (I don't know what's been arranged for brass band though).
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    It would only be one or two items amongst a total list of about 40 (as we play everyday we take this amount of music so that we don't play the same programme each day). Quite agree with the idea about taking our music to the Czech Republic but as there are some Czech arrangements in the Brass Band catalogue this is what bands play anyway. Clearly it's not like a Rumanian Violin band trying to play Death or Glory but I suppose if we went to New Orleans we'd have a go at 12th Street Rag.
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    If I remember correctly (and I may not be) Fucik is czec, so Entry of the Gladiators could be a good march. Also, aren't the Mazurka style of music Czech?
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    Are you going to Prague? If so you will encounter the equivalent of Costa Del Sol Ticket touts, this time trying to get you to buy concert tickets. They are normally Bach / Mozart / etc. And take place in various extra-ordinary venues like the castle and various churches etc.

    I loved my weekend there recently, and did two operas.... many daytime chamber concerts etc. So I would pick the music carefully. make it different and very mixed and upbeat.

    Smetana, Dvorak would be great, but unless your concert is in the open air, it will probably be mostly tourists who are listening.

    You are really going to love Prague if that is where you are going. Good people, much music and cheap GOOD pils (beer).

    Have a good time and enjoy!
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    Don't forget that Czech music has its roots in Bohemia and Moravia.... so the internet could be a good guide here.
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    Good job we're not playing Sokol Fanfare. 75 bars rest at the beginning of the B flat bass part! If I wanted to rest count, I'd join an Orchestra.
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    Daniel have a look at this link to Lake Music - different version than the one we tried last rehearsal