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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by honey bun, Mar 11, 2009.

  1. honey bun

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    Does anyone know where I can purchase a recording of Music for the Common Man by Kenneth Downie? Can't find anything anywhere :confused:

    Just like to wish everyone good luck to all competing at the areas. Raunds not going this year unfortunately

  2. Frontman

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    It is on the 2000 Area CD.
  3. GJG

    GJG Well-Known Member

    ... now out-of-print and unavailable, according to 4BR Shopping, unfortunately.

    You might be lucky and find a retailer with some old stock ...
  4. Frontman

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    That being the case, contact DOYEN and ask if they have any stock or ask at World of Brass. Otherwise if you pm me I will loan you my copy.
  5. Active Member

    Doyen probably haven't got any stock left because we bought their catalogue some years ago.
    We haven't got any left either, sorry.

    I've got a copy on my desk but would you believe it, it's got a fault on track 7 (Music for the Common Man) and won't play all the way through.

    Keep an eye out on Ebay, all sorts of exotica can turn up from time to time.
  6. honey bun

    honey bun Active Member

    Crikey this is harder to get hold of than I thought! Thanks for the info guys
  7. John Brooks

    John Brooks Well-Known Member

    I guess that's one title that won't be appearing on WoB Tunes any time soon ;)
  8. brassneck

    brassneck Active Member

    That's also a good reason for WoB to sell it as an mp3, don't you think? ;)
  9. brassneck

    brassneck Active Member

    With a little imagination, this idea could be extended (if necessary with appropriate permissions) to other out of print albums! Could be a lucrative sideline! :cool:
  10. Active Member

    A significant percentage of the albums available on World of Brass Tunes ARE 'out of print' or 'back catalogue'.
    2 of the most recent additions to the store are fantastic recordings from Grimethorpe Colliery Band of the early 1990s, namely Wilby and Paganini Variations.
  11. brassneck

    brassneck Active Member

    Fair enough, but does that only limit itself to the catalogues that belonged to Doyen & SA recordings? I can imagine that there can be a big market for other labels as well. I've never, as an example, managed to get the studio recording of Fairey playing Paganini.
  12. Active Member

    What CD and label is that on?
  13. John Brooks

    John Brooks Well-Known Member

    Hi Carl,

    It's on Obrasso - CD Title: Let's Go! I'm sure it's still available.
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  14. Euphjam

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    :oops: Puts on anorak.I seem to have all of the above mentioned CDs.

    Am I really that sad?....
  15. brassneck

    brassneck Active Member

    Yeh, thanks for the PM reminding me of that, John! Will seek it out with the help you gave!