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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Despot, May 27, 2011.

  1. Despot

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    a neighbouring band have been asked to play for a delegation from Australia.

    Can anyone suggest suitable pieces? Waltzing Matilda is a given!!
  2. Ali

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    Saddleworth festival overture. Written for the twinning of Saddleworth uk and Saddleworth in Oz. I would also suggest the elerby piece written for YBS and performed at the nationals
    Last year although I don't know the standard of the band. Terras australis.
  3. Puritan

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    There's The S.A. piece by Howard Davies Songs of Australia. But excuse me for asking,why not play british music ? Surely they already know the Austalian stuff :confused:
  4. pbirch

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    Another one would be Robert Redheads Quintessence
  5. Independent Silver Band

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    I would like to give a little input to this point. Over the years, I have been disappointed at hearing bands from other countries giving concerts in the U.S, and playing American music. The main reason for attending concerts of different groups is to hear a variety of music. You can only stand "In the Mood" so many times.
  6. katieeuph

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    I agree- whilst it might be nice to perhaps play maybe one piece with an Australian flavour, I'm sure the visitors would like to listen to some pieces traditional to the area/country they are visiting. I vividly remember singing a medley of Welsh folk songs when the Premier of Western Australia (or someone vaguely important sounding) visited our school, and the visiting party really enjoyed it.
    Hope the occasion goes well whatever is played!
  7. Mr. Stomvi

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  8. MoominDave

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    That's fast! A bit too fast for the music (and the band) for my taste - I preferred it at the speed we played it some years ago - about 20 bpm slower. Good contest march.
  9. Baton twirler

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    As the Australians love their cricket how about Soul Limbo, the theme tune to test match cricket on T.V.?
  10. Nigel Hall

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    Denzil Stephens' march "Gundagai" uses Waltzing Matilda as it's main theme as well as "The Road to Gundagai".
  11. Rhonda

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    Tie me kangaroo down, sport....
  12. FlugelD

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    Land of the Long Whi... on second thoughts, maybe not!
  13. Rhonda

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    Don't mistake kangaroos for kiwis:biggrin:!

  14. PeterBale

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    True - kangaroos don't stay still while you peel them :oops:
  15. Rhonda

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    :terrier That's why you've got to tie 'em down :wink:
  16. Aidan

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    It's the speed that the band who's signature march it was played it at.. ;)
  17. MoominDave

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    Good info.... :clap:
  18. Aussie Tuba

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    were easily pleased.
    just one or two with aussie flavour. the rest make up a good general concert