Music for a Tea Dance

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    Not technically a brass BAND question but thought id give it a go.
    Our Quintet has been asked to play at a tea dance for a local event in aid of National Older Person Day (Or whatever the PC term is).
    They require music that can be listened to and enjoyed as well as danced too.

    Anyone got any ideas about what kind of thing would go down well?
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    Hi,my dad and I did a tea dance about a year ago and basically we played stuff from the forties,fifties and very early sixties.As long as you play fox trots,quicksteps waltz's and the like you won't go far wrong.

    I can probably get you a list of most of what we played if it's likely to be any good to you.

    Oh, and dont forget The Gay Gordons.

    Have fun

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    Hi there,

    That would be great. I have a few ideas but it looks like I will have to do a lot of arranging myself as most of our repertoire isn't appropriate.
    Do you think Glenn Miller type stuff would be good?

    Its annoying as the council have booked us but have no idea what music they want!!
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    I have several (legal) arrangements which would/could be suitable - I am also (have also been) a dancer so might be able to help you with the concept a little more, be warned it's not easy
    Email me
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    Hi,as promised here is the play list(or as close as we can remember) that my dad and i used :-


    People will say, Cheek to cheek, Lady is a tramp, Do ra mi, Happy talk, I can't say no, I enjoy being a girl, Afoggy day, I whistle a happy tune.


    Moon river, Charade, Dear heart. (Not many here I'm afraid but slow waltz's are ten a penny)


    April in paris, Long ago and far away, My heart belongs to daddy.(Not many here either I'm afraid,my dads memory aint what it used to be)


    April in portugal, South american way


    Cherry pink, Yellow bird, Tangerine, I've told every little star

    Dont forget old standards like Gay gordons, Hokey cokey and the Conga plus a bit of Glenn Miller for a jive or two if they are feeling energetic :D

    Hope this helps
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