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Discussion in 'Computer Corner' started by John Brooks, Jun 17, 2015.

  1. John Brooks

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    After vacillating for a few years on whether or not to purchase this product from Midland, I recently bit the bullet and have now received the DVD which is a re-release of the Decca Sounds of Brass Volume 24 LP from 1975. On the website Midland states:

    "This DVD is an AUDIO ONLY format with no video streams, it allows you to listen to historical Brass Band recordings in today's sound formats. There are 3 sound formats on this DVD -
    16 bit stereo (used for CD format)
    24 bit uncompressed - stereo - high resolution sound. DVD quality
    DTS - 4.0 (Digital Theatre Sound).
    Complete with interactive menu for track selection via your TV screen.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: This DVD is produced in the PAL format, Customers whose country uses NTSC format must ensure their DVD player can play PAL format."

    I can play the DVD on my computer but also assumed that I would be able to play the 16-bit format in my car but that doesn't work. I would also like to get this on my ipod but that doesn't appear possible either. My 70 year old ears don't really care about the technical advances of 24 bit DVD quality; I just want to be able to listen to this music other than on my computer.

    Do any of you "Techies" have any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Tam O Shanter

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    Audio on a DVD is stored in a very different way to that on an ordinary CD. A CD has a rigid standard for what it must contain whereas the DVD is more flexible and can contain many different "parallel" streams. It is perfectly possible to extract that 16 bit PCM stream from a DVD and to convert it into WAV files which can then be used to make a conforming CD, but it is not completely straightforward. Once you have the WAV files then putting it on your ipod would also be possible as it would for any CD.

    I use a number of utilities to facilitate this including DVDShrink (to extract the relevant parts of the DVD), VStrip to select the correct Audio Streams and extract in RAW format, and then flac to convert RAW to flac files. They can then be turned into proper WAV files using flac and finally burnt to a CD if required.
  3. Cornet Nev.

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    Audacity will play and record everything on the DVD, then convert to WAV or with a "Lame" plug in convert to the compressed poorer quality MP3. Any unwanted long silences can also be edited out as well.
    Audacity is free ware and can be downloaded and installed from here :-

    The usual warning for any free wares, double check every window for unwanted bundled junkwares. Where offered a custom installation, use it as it is in there you will find the tick boxes to not include the junk.

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