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    Hi people,

    I've just bought the Leigh Baker arrangement of Mr Sandman, and having watched the clip of B&R at Brass in Concert on youtube I'm trying to think of other ideas to perform it. I reckon, whilst they did a good job of it, you'd need the right audience for it not to mention the right characters on stage.

    Does anyone have other ideas for it? I like the idea of tuned beer bottles, have you tried this? Did it work??

    Also, any suggestions for big finish music suitable for 3rd section level band, and/or youth band standard?
  2. Zappa

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    I haven't seen the Brighouse and Blastit version but I helped Wingates out with it. From what i remember they ...

    1. MD saying it's always difficult to make it fair with people having opportunity to play a solo/feature. As he's doing this people were putting their hands up etc to play ... Finally says he'll feature back row. They cheer, rest of band groan ...

    2. Obviously audience find it funny when they produce chime bars (it looks good when they are fully focused when playing it!)

    3. Bass trom player with his sliding pick ups can try and gain attention/feature himself or percussion at some point too.

    4. Then in middle the horns/flugel stood up and sang a verse (hair brushes in hand!) and harmony which sounds very good! They were all girlies too which helps!

    5. From what i remember the cornets not to be out done wheel over the tubular bells to try to get the last laugh etc.

    6. I forget what happens at the end (i think somebody stuck in a triangle note) again to get the last laugh ...

    In regards to audiences i don't think it really matters ... It went down well at 2 contrasting gigs (town hall & more laid back gig) It's a great arrangement and something different. I thinks it's important though that all players realise that like Les Dawson before you go 'wrong' or get a laugh you've got to be able to play it very well and know exactly what you're doing (especially the chime bars)!! It's easy for band to lose focus and really go wrong!!!

    Hope this helps

    Sorry to Wingates if i'm spreading show secrets but i'm sure you guys have already moved on to other bigger entertainment things! If not tell Gareth Crane he can punish me in some inappropriate way!!

    As for finishers ... I'll have a think!
  3. Zappa

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    Not really a finisher but as an encore you can't beat Radetsky March!
  4. paulw

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    Or Thunder and Lightning, eh Chris!
  5. Zappa

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    Absolutely Paul ... Welcome to the world of themouthpiece !!!!
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    For big finishers at 3rd section/youth band, it's maybe not as technically impressive, but soundwise and definitely musicality wise i can't see much wrong with Langford's arrangement of the Lost Chord or I'll Walk With God - both belting pieces if the stamina's there to hold through to the end.
  7. Robhibberd29

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    Can say this now it's January....makes a change from Jingle Bells he he