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    Hi All. I'm A New Member Of Mouthpiece. I'm Jack Carr's Great-grandson, And I'm Looking To Find Anyone Who Came Across Him During His Lifetime. My Mum Is The First Movement Of His Suite 'four Little Maids', Miss Serious. I Play Baritone And Percussion, And Was, For A Short Time, Conductor Of Appledore Brass Band In North Devon.
    I Would Also Be Very Keen To Get In Touch With 'gentleman Jim' Jimmy Shepherd. If Anyone Can Help On Either Of These Requests I Would Be Delighted To Hear From You. Many Thanks, Guy.
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    Guy, you might want to try Colin Brewis, Michael Burr or Bobby Wray. They all have connections with the Felling band, and they were all involved with Harton Colliery Band (South Shields)in the early 1970's, when Jack Carr was their conductor.
    You might be living at the wrong end of the country to meet face to face with these old chaps!!
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    If you pm me I should be able to put you in contact with several people who played under your geat grandfather, I did for a spell and also worked with his son John Carr at Lynemouth Colliery and went to school with his grandsons Peter and David Carr.
    To the Dragon, does this make me an "Old Chap" ?

    David Kendall
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    I played Euphonium with Harton when Jack came to be our resident conductor after Cowpen and Croften Band sadly folded. His son, Denis, also conducted us for at least one contest - from memory it was in Sheffield.

    I also have Jim Shepherd's home address and telephone number but I would want his agreement to pass it on.

    Please send me a pm if you would like more information at this stage.