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  1. Gorgie boy

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    I have a solo engagement in the next few weeks. For a variety of reasons which I shan't go into here, I don't have an accompanist. Where can I buy MP3 accomps for some well known solos? (I'm an Eb Bass player)

    Thanks in anticipation.
  2. Cornet Nev.

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    Sorry I can't help with finding pre recorded stuff, however, to stick my neck out a little, a lot if not most other instrument soloists, such as guitar, flute, saxophone etc players, tend to make up their own using appropriate software such as Cakewalk, Band in a Box or any one of the many software's available. Have you thought about that approach, or is there now a shortage of time to do so?
  3. DocFox

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    I often have played in church and play with a CD accompaniment. I have used JW Pepper (I searched and they had 38 page of cornet/trumpet solos and lots of books full of solos. I'll bet they have some you can download (or will expedite shipping). Check it out, you may find a gem or two.
  4. DocFox

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    Note: If you have a piano part, and solo is not long, I could make a synthesized piano MP3. Many people have helped me and I am glad to help others. You would have to scan the piano part and email it to me and I would send back an MP3.

    DrJAFox -at-
  5. DocFox

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    Opps, you said Eb tuba. The best Eb parts in treble clef is an alto sax. I did a search on Eb sax solos and there were 8 pages worth.
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    I have often made my own via midi, then recorded the tracks properly with decent sound libraries, but it takes more time than you are likely to have given the schedule.

    Maybe there is a market for this for bands?

    Although its a challenge if the soloist is playing alone for the first four bars and then the accompaniment kicks in!
  7. DocFox

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    A couple other ideas depending on how hard the piano part is -

    Call some churches nearby your home. Often they have advanced teenagers that will accompany someone for a reasonable price. Old teenagers or early 20s year olds always need money, especially if they are away at uni.

    Lastly. consider calling a music teacher (private and/or at a public schools). It sounds like you need a rush job so be generous with your money if you find someone, all university aged kids would be happy to have some money
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