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    Hi there,

    I am a web designer and recently I've been asked to look at enhancing a brass band composers website to spruce it up. The composer has had many major works recorded by some top bands and asked me if I could look into the possibility of putting 30 second clips of some of his music on the new website. The only thing is I don't know what the legal implications are. Is it the band who recorded the track I need to contact or the publishers. I know he publishes a lot himself which helps a bit but other pieces he has published through 3rd parties. Any advice or is there anyone I can speak to about this?


    Adam Moore
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    Hi Adam.

    You need to contact the MCPS - PRS Alliance.

    The start of the online services can be found here - I can't really advise you which particular licence is applicable, as it depends on things like the business model, the number of clips, how long they are etc.

    If you give the online services department a call, they're very helpful.
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    It's likely to fall into the LOEL category.

    The attachment's the application form, the T&C are available on their website (the zip file is too big to upload).

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  4. I thought you didn't need any kind of permission from publishers if the clip was under 30 seconds long?
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    Oh, can opened. Worms - everywhere!!!! :rolleyes:
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    Any use of copyrighted material must be licenced.
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    Nah - it's simple this time.

    To be legal, such things have to be licenced at least through the MCPS-PRS Alliance and maybe even PPL.
  8. lol We've done it all above board! No worries!