Movin' on up... to Newcastle.

Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by superjobby, Feb 24, 2009.

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    I am very fortunate to be commencing my dream career in 3 weeks time, and this involves a move to the hallowed land of Gazza, The Angel of the North, stotties and "The Boat"... (Anyone who has been to Newcastle on a night out knows what I mean by the latter!)

    I will be leaving the rep seat of Eccles Borough after nearly 2 years of laughter, friendship and contesting success (Especially at Butlins!). It's a shame I can't take the band with me, I can honestly say I have never been involved with a more friendly and sociable band in the brass banding world. :clap:

    If you're looking for a good quality 3rd/4th section band in the NW area, look them up (, as there are a few vacancies (Baritone, Bass Trom, BBb bass and Percussion at the moment I think), and you will be given a warm welcome! (NB - You will not be required to play at this week's Regional Contest in Blackpool.. :biggrin: ) You get a cake on your birthday, courtesy of Val, our amazing secretary:tup and you will also be subjected to our talented MD's unusual vocabulary - Blendation, Tunation, Ensemblation, Stylation, Intonation..(Ok, so that last one is actually a word, but you get my point!)

    Anyway, I'm not exactly clued up on the bands in the North East, it has to be said. Does anyone know of any 2nd/3rd/4th section bands in or around the Newcastle area? I would be interested in continuing my banding "career" (ahem) after I've settled in properly, in a couple of months. I have played back row, flugel (!) and more recently rep for 3rd and 4th section bands in the North West, and would describe myself as a competent and reliable player. (Really selling myself there aren't I?! No wonder the only job I've ever been fired from was cold calling :rolleyes:)

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

    I'm making the most of my last contest this Sunday, as the missus is in the Championship section, and she's driving.. If you know me (or even if you don't!), come and find me, no doubt I'll be propping up the bar, watching the Mighty Reds win the Mickey Mouse cup..:tongue:
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    Sorry to disappoint but "The Boat" is now but a distant memory. It was towed away a few months ago never to return......

    As for bands, I would expect a deluge of responses. Depending on whereabouts you end up you have a few relatively local bands.

    North of the river:

    Backworth - 4th Section
    Greggs (are they still going? I notice they appear to have entered the Area...) - Champ (were based in Gosforth the last I heard)
    Wansbeck's Ashington - 1st Section (based in Ashington)
    NW Ellington - 1st Section (a little further north but not miles away)

    South of the river:

    Dunston - 3rd Section - rehearse not far from Metro Centre
    Felling - Champs - rehearse in Gateshead Town Centre
    Westoe - Champs - rehearse in Jarrow. A little further to travel but rehearse only round the corner from a Metro station.

    Further afield;

    A number of bands in the Durham area:

    Bearpark & Esh Colliery (4th)
    Craghead Colliery (4th)
    Lanchester Band (4th)
    Trimdon Concert Brass (4th)
    Ferryhill Town (3rd)
    Houghton Brass (2nd)
    Durham Constabulary (2nd)
    Murton Colliery (1st)
    Broughton's Brass (1st)
    GT Group Peterlee (1st)
    NASUWT Riverside Band (Ch)
    Reg Vardy (Ch)
    Fishburn (Ch)
    Easington Colliery (Ch)
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    :eek: Say it ain't so!

    Thanks very much for the info, this is wonderfully detailed! Once I've got settled I'll look into a few of these, I don't want to get rusty, and I'd definitely miss it if I wasn't playing.

    Cheers again, much appreciated!
  4. wilearl

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    Hi Rob

    I was in a similar position to you in September 2007 with moving up to South Shields with work and looking for a band. It took me a few months to get sorted and settle with a band. I now play at Felling, you should come down for a rehersal and a pint.

    Good luck!

  5. Andy_Euph

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    Hi Rob, hows things going mate? Nice to see you are going to a land of culture...unlike manchester (joke).

    You should check out my old band, NW Ellington, they practise in Pegswood which is about 15-17 miles north of Newcastle but still pretty easy to get to, should only take about 30 mins at most. If you want any more info or a contact name and number just drop me a message.

    P.S. Hope Eccles do well at the long as you don't beat us that is ;)
  6. Sparky

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    Hi, Rob,
    as Andy said we're only up the road and already have several players travelling from Newcastle. Why not come along for a blow, new blood is always welcome. PM me for contact details.

    Northumbrian Water Ellington Colliery Band
  7. michellegarbutt

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    Hi Rob

    Colin has done a good job of giving you the bands in this Area.

    Murton would love to see you. We're south of Newcastle but you can get to us in 25-30 minutes from Newcastle and we do have a few players from thr North Tyneside area.

    Please feel free to get in contact if you'd like to pay us a visit
  8. bigcol

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    Yep Cheers Colin!

    Backworth Colliery Band are in Newcastle, a few metro stops from the city center and are a very friendly, busy and active bands with such wonders as the Whit Fridays, Kirkby Lonsdale and Easingwold coming up, and that's just June. Always room for a good'un.

    You'll already know about us Rob as you keep having the sneaky habit of beating us at National contests with your existing band. Grrr!

  9. superjobby

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    Thanks to everyone for your replies!

    It would appear there is a bigger choice than I thought there would be, I'll have to consider my options...

    Who am I kidding, I'd join any band that would put up with me! As mentioned though, I'll have to settle in first, so it won't be for a couple of months.

    Andy - Cheers mate, it's all going rather well! Good luck for this weekend yourself, and er, ditto! :biggrin:

    Col - Yeah, I noticed Backworth was on the list! :redface:
    We've had a bit of a hot streak at Butlins, coincidentally Andy helped us out on Euph for Lydian in 2008, and played his usual blinder. In case you saw any of Eccles in the nightclub later on, I was the one asleep in the corner... Ahem. :oops: