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  1. Peach

    Peach Member

    Clearing out a load of mouthpieces...

    TUBA/BASS - All fit in modern Sov Receiver

    Mike Finn MF3 £70 as new
    Roger Bobo Solo - Gold £90 as new
    Laskey 30H £70 near new
    Laskey 30F £70 near new
    Bach Mt. Vernon 22 £40 extremely well used, plenty of plating left- no dings
    Miraphone C4 £25 well used
    Conn Helleberg £35 near new
    Schilke Helleberg I £25 perfect except strange dings on side of rim
    Schilke 66 £40 as new
    Schilke 67 £25 well used
    Perantucci PT-65 £45 as new
    Perantucci PT-60 £35 perfect except tiny ding at shank end
    Perantucci PT-21 - Gold £30 good. same as modern PT-34. old shape blank

    TROMBONE/EUPH - Large shank

    Bach Mt. Vernon 1 1/2G £40
    near new condition
    Bach 4G £25 excellent

    PM me iif interested (or Email if that's possible on here?).
    NW Area if you want to try first!
  2. Peach

    Peach Member

    Any takers?

    Be original and try something other than Wicks!

    PM me about any mouthpiece for details or look it up on t'Interweb...

    Mike Finn MF3 Superb BBb choice; bigger than a Wick 1. Round rim.
    Laskey 30H Great for either Eb/Bb. Closest to Wick2 w/defined rim.
    Laskey 30F Same rim as 30H but bit shallower- great for Eb.
    Bach Mt. Vernon 22 Near identical rim to Wick 2- slightly bigger than Bach24AW but without the marshmallow rim!
    Miraphone C4 Top choice for Eb. Mega-comfy rim bit more cusiony than Wick2.
    Conn Helleberg Fantastic all-round mouthpiece Eb/Bb. Closest to Wick1. Most used Tuba mp on the planet!
    Schilke Helleberg I Most similar to Wick3. Good all rounder.
    Schilke 66 Also most similar to Wick3
    Schilke 67 Brilliant, brilliant mp! Works great on Eb and Bb!! V close to Wick2. It's so good I might not sell it...
    Perantucci PT-65 Great for Eb. Prob between Wick2&3 rim-wise.
    Perantucci PT-60 Excellent for soloists or for help getting off high band parts! Like a rounded Wick2 (Bach 18ish) rim but shallow cup and tight throat.
    Perantucci PT-21 - Gold Good for either Eb or Bb. Bit like Wick1 but with rounded rim.

    I may die of starvation this Xmas if these don't sell...
  3. Peach

    Peach Member

    OK, the Laskey's and C4 are off the menu and the PT21's kinda on hold.

    Should pay for a few scraps of Turkey but I may still waste away this Xmas at this rate.
    Buy a mouthpiece and help keep me fat... :D
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