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  1. I have got 3 Soprano Cornet Mouthpieces up for sale and one Trumpet Mouthpiece on E-Bay.

    Vincent Bach 3E Cornet Mouthpiece: £35 or Best Offer

    Vincent Bach 10 1/2 EW Cornet Mouthpiece.: £27 or Best offer

    Both Bachs were bought and tried out only Once still will original boxes.

    Aliiance Roger Webster BVT Soprano Cornet Mouthpiece : £45 or Best offer still with original box and Mouthpiece case
    Hardly used.

    Marcinkiewicz Paul Cacia E14-1 Trumpet Mouthpiece : £40 or best offer
    Hardly used.

    If interested have a look or Pm me.

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  3. Two have sold already.
  4. Another mouthpiece to add.
    An original yamaha japan size 9
    These were made in the same style as the schilke but slightly deeper

  5. I have also put on a a hardley used blue wallace straigjt
    Fibre mute £25 or best offer

    I wil also shortly be putting on a set of marciewicz mouthpieces.
    Brand new only been out of the box once.

    Trumpet 7PD/7E
    Cornet 7PD/7E
    These retail at over £50 each.
    £85 for the pair.
    All offers considered.

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