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Discussion in ' User Reviews' started by Highams, Feb 18, 2003.

  1. Highams

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    I have mentioned these before as some may remember, they are from the U.S.A. and are a range of low brass tenor & bass trombone, euphonium & tuba mouthpieces with detatchable rims, cups & shanks.

    This gives a huge variety of options and if like me, you use different instruments, you get to use the same mouthpiece.

    The other alternative of course, is that you can match the cup & shank to a particular model.

    They are also available in a variety of finishes, silver, gold & lexon (plastic).

    The website is at and the on line info can be printed as catalogue.

    There are also charts to compare different brands.

    Be patient once ordered as Doug is a busy trombonist, however, he will always take the time to advise you if you are in any doubt.

    It's about time these were made available in the U.K. shops.
  2. Toby

    Toby Member

    Any idea of how long they take to be delivered after been ordered?
  3. Highams

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    Hi Toby,

    It depends on what's in stock, obviously he has popular sizes etc. and would have more of these ready to go.

    If you email him, he will give you a good idea of delivery time, and payment is not taken until the order is despatched.

    I'm waiting on an order from well before Xmas but this is not a standard cup & shank, and as with my current one, I know it will be well worth the wait.
  4. carlwoodman

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    I used a Doug Elliott tuba mouthpiece for a while when I was playing both Imperial and Sovereign tubas regularly.
    The mouthpieces come in 3 parts, just like Warburton trumpet mouthpieces, so I just had to swap backbores.

    There are hundreds of combinations of rim, cup and backbore but I found Doug immensly helpful. I phoned him up, told him what my current mouthpiece was and the instruments I was using and he told me what I needed. He also sent them to me from USA and said that if I didn't like them just to send them back.
    Great service!
  5. Highams

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  6. Razor

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    Hi Toby

    There have been a few threads on the OTJ forum in the past regards Doug Elliot mouthpieces and in particular the occasional lengthy delivery time . This is one of them.

    The concensus of opinion seems to be that delivery time is dependent on how busy Doug's playing schedule is. Although all seem to agree that the wait is worthwhile.

    PS: Thanks for additional info you sent, I'm hoping to get hold of the Bordogni and Aharoni soon.

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