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    Could anyone help please...
    I have come into possession of an Al Cass 3x3 cornet mouthpiece and was wondering if anoyone knew of a value?
    Mouthpiece is hand engraved with Al Cass Milford Mass 3x3 made in England.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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  3. rileyelf

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    The 'Made in England' ones are not quite the same value as the US made ones, the English ones were mass produced using Al's tooling but are considered inferior by collectors, Cornet pieces are not as valuable as trumpet ones. I would reckon £30 to £50 on Ebay.

    P.S. I played 3x3 when I first joined a marching band... I still have it, my 13 y/o daughter now uses it.
    P.P.S I make replicas of Al Cass Trumpet and Cornet pieces, just for fun.

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