Mouthpiece to fit a B & H Imperial EEb

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Despot, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. Despot

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    Hi All,

    A friend in a neighbouring band is looking for a new mouthpiece to fit a B & H Imperial EEb, which takes the older style smaller fitting mouthpiece.

    But he doesn’t want a Denick Wick or a Bach….which really limits the options...

    Aside from getting a mouthpiece customised, are there any serious alternatives?

  2. TubaBee

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  3. Vegasbound

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    If your friend finds the mouthpiece they like then any instrument repairer will turn the shank down to fit.

    alternatives to Bach .......schilke , marcinkiewicz

    But why does he feel the need to change mouthpieces, as it's a major decision!!
  4. AndyCat

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    I use a Mike Finn 4. Excellent on those Imperials. Come in small shank as well.
  5. on_castors

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    Isn't there a danger some of the suggestions will cost about as much as the instrument is worth! ;-)
  6. Vegasbound

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    Not really as these EEflat are still comanding good could of course a a big reciever fitted
  7. Aussie Tuba

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  8. Despot

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    Thanks guys! I'll pass on your suggestions!

    He currently plays a Denis Wick 3, but feels it's a bit battered and is due replacement. (A Denis Wick I suspect I got for him not so long ago...and it wasn't so bad when I gave it to him....)

    Said he just wanted to try something else, rather than just replating the old one. Sounds a bit unesscessary to me, but I suppose what you do with your time and own money is your own business!

    But it is good to know successful alternatives to VB and DW. I use a Schilke Tbone mouthpiece myself which I quike like!
  9. brassbandmaestro

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    Perantuuci, a mouthpiece will cost a EEb Bass player around £90!!! I want one but just bought a DW3L, so I dont suppose my mrs will be best pleased!!!