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  1. fwtimp

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    My old B & H tenor horn came with a mouthpiece labeled
    R.S.Kitchen Ltd. -Leeds

    Can't find any information on it. Was this the stamp of a music store, instrument manufacturer, or did this come from a company band that labeled it's property? Just curious.

  2. Roger Thorne

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    I'm not 10% sure here, but I think Stan Kitchen was a musical instrument supplier/manufacturer (1970-80's). I think they sold out to Band Supplies.

    Sits back and waits to be corrected.

  3. rikster

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    As far as I recall, Kitchens was a music shop in the city centre of Leeds, West Yorkshire. My parents got me my first cornet from there for christmas 1968. A Besson Westminster. I believe they had an instrument repair facility but I dont recall them making instruments, although the premises were large enough to have done so.
  4. brassneck

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    Both of you are correct but the company originally began it's life in 1875 to repair brass instruments in the Yorkshire and N.E. England area. I don't remember much more about it's history but they used to advertise on the blank pages of sheet music from years ago.

    Only valid link searching with google is here.