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    I have recently moved from tenor horn to cornet and wondering what mouthpiece would be best as the mouthpiece does feel a bit like a pea-shooter! I know it will take time and practice but wondering where would be a good starting point as the mouthpiece I have been supplied with has a chip on it so would like to replace it anyway.

    I used to play on a Denis Wick 2 for tenor horn and had a really good range and stamina but due to changes no seats in the tenor horn ranks so cornet it is!
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    Mouthpiece choice is intensely personal; what works for one person won't work for another but having said that if you've moved to the cornet back row I might suggest you try a Denis Wick 3. I would avoid the Heritage range for now; good as they are you might find the rim a little thin having come from a large mouthpiece.

    That might not be the best choice if you've moved to Rep or front row though as the 3 can be hard work in the upper ranges unless you have really good stamina.

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    You may get lots of conflicting advice here but I would suggest the following as a starting point. DW 4 on the front row/rep and DW 3on the back row. If you are used to a bigger mouthpiece you may get away with a DW 2 on the back row.

    As we are all different this may not suit you so be prepared to experiment. Hope you enjoy your cornet playing.
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    Thank you both. Will toddle off to the music shop soon and try some out 
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    Have ended up with a Vincent Bach 3C and loving it. Lovely tone at bottom range and top notes are very much improved! It's like I'm on a new instrument! I had hoped mouthpiece would help a bit but it's brilliant.
    Thanks for the help guys 
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    Good to see you have found a suitable mouthpiece. With Bach mouthpieces as you may have to take a bit more care to ensure that they blend with the rest of the band and don't cut through the band, especially with higher notes and louder dynamics.