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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by eupho1, Mar 2, 2011.

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    Mouthpice advice please Having had a break of around 12 years I have started playing Euph again (large bore Sov') Although I never had probs before, I now find it harder to sustain and sometimes hit the high notes plus my lip seems to tire more easily these days. My mouthpiece is a DW4AL. Like I mentioned, no probs before, but wonder if there is a more suitable mouthpiece on market now. All advice would be greatly received
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    I'm currently using the SM4, similar to the 4AL, only a few minor differences. I've had some time off playing and only recently started again, although not as long, and I still find the 4 the best option. It gives the flexability of being deep enough to get the lower octaves, and shallow enough for the upper octaves. If you we're to change to another size to help with the higher register it might adversely affect the lower register.

    I think the problem comes more from having such a long time off than the mouthpiece your using. My advice, stick with a 4, whether be DW4AL, SM4 or the new SM4U Ultra, it's generally the best for the flexibility needed by euph player. What will benefit you more than a mouthpiece change i'm afraid is a bit of hard work. Lip slurs, long note playing, do thing's like play hymns up the octave, it's going to take time to strengthen your lip back up, but doing it the right way with a methodical approach will benefit you more in the long run that a quick fix of a shallower gob iron.
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    Hi again! The stamina and range issues will be mainly because of your 12 year break, plenty of practice and good warm up routine will help with that. Also strengthening your lower range will help with your higher range, Steven Mead taught me that and it seems to have worked

    As for mouthpieces, I play on the new SM 3 Ultra and I love it, plenty of options are out there though and it's worth trying a few. I'd look at Euphonium Specific mouthpieces like the Alliances and SM ranges first. Don't be afraid to try different sizes aswell. I always used a 4 but the switch to a 3 was fairly enlightening to me!
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    I am inclined to agree with matty. Having taken long breaks during my playing career, I found it necessary to put in loads of practice in order to achieve my previous (high) standard. The good news is; practice worked! There really is no easy alternative, I'm afraid, so persevere and I am sure the rewards will come.

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    Practice....practice oh and practice!!!

    would also suggest having a lesson to make sure your not 'manipulating' your chops to make them work!
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    Big thanks to you all for advice - Will take up whats been suggested, think Ive tried to go straight back into it without the essential warm up practice that I always did and had to in my championship days. Just goes to show that basics are essential. I have been guilty of just going along to rehearsals once a week and start playing without any prep. Once again, big thanks - Steve

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