Mouth Ulcers!!

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  1. Just 19 days til the Scottish Open and I have just gone through an infection to the tonsils! :( through this though I now also have a mouth full of ulcers (7 just on my bottom lip!) does anyone know of any quick effective methods to get rid of them?? Ive been advise gargling on salty water should help.
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    Warm salty water is good but it also hurts and not everyone likes salt, it can make you feel a bit sick.

    One very important thing - make sure you clean your mouthpiece every time before and after you play - the infection gets on there and can come back from there.

    I find Corsodyl mouthwash twice a day very effective on ulcers (has chlorohexedrine in), usually gets rid in 3 or 4 days.

    Any ulcer that stays a week or more get your dentist/doctor to check it out, they can prescibe stronger stuff if neccessary.
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    Oh, and I'd give your whole instrument a good wash out too, sink full of lukewarm water, couple of spoons of bicarb in it, gets rid of all sorts.
  5. Thanks for the advice!! I now have some Oraldene hexetidine!hopefully they will clear up soon so i can start practising again!
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    Isn't that the mouthwash dentists tend to use? Best of luck and I hope everything heals quickly!
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    Mouth Ulcers.... THE treatment is a paste called "Adcortyl in Orabase" from Pharmacies It is a mild steroid so it speeds healing, and the strange wallpaper-paste-like medium sticks like glue to protect the open ulcer.
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    It is - my wife used to be a dental nurse, so she put me on to it. Hope it works!
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    I agree!!!! Rach the Dentist x

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