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    In view of the controversy surrounding a former York artist changing to Besson - perhaps as a result of York going out of existence rather than a love for Besson it got me thinking about top players endorsing different instruments over their careers. It is actualy pretty common to have endorsed a couple, but has anyone endorsed 3, or 4 different instruments - or even got into double figures?
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    It seems to me that most of this 'controversy' is being whipped up by a couple of embittered members here...

    ...interestingly none of them have the balls to actually post their real names.
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    I agree.
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    There have been lots of professional players who have switched instrument brands in their career. For whatever reason. I don't care.

    If I hear that a certain professional player plays a certain brand, it learns me that the these instruments ar at least somewhat decent, and I may consider them if I would bu any a new instrument.

    Everyone knows that you should at least try an instrument before buying it. If you only buy a certain instrument because some well know player endorses it, you are extremely stupid.

    [mod hat on] Your and certain other forummember's "witchhunt" about former York endorsers is bordering on personal insult. Consider this a warning to change your tone, before we have to take further actions - which we really don't like to do! Thanks for the cooperation [/mod hat off]
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    How is any player expected to endorse a manufacturer who does not exist?
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    Smacks of jealousy to me. I wish someone would pay me to play their instrument, or even just provide one for free, but I'm more likely to be paid NOT to.
  7. Simes

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    Same here sadly, but if Mr Besson or even Mr York (if he needs to clear the warehouse out quick before the new people move in) want to give me a shiney new BBb Bass I'd happily tell people what great chaps the company are.

    I think you have to remember that professional musicians who are of a high standard, have to earn a living however they can. If endorsing a brand of instrument helps with that, then fine.

    I suspect that in this business (banding) the endorsements are rather more honest than in other areas. The Dainese Racing Leathers worn by MotoGP riders are nothing like the rubbish sold in the shops to you and I and are specially made for the riders of the highest quality materials. I expect that a York Euphonium used by a great player is pretty much the same as you or I could buy in the shops (OK I appreciate that theirs will be one made as near to the perfect spec as possible, but I reckon it's made on the same line by the same people of the same materials - probably with just a different team ensuring the QI at the end of the line.

    At the moment, anything that helps bands keep going is good.
  8. P_S_Price

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    Refer to Forrest Gump for full details on how most endorsements reflect the opinion of the endorser.

    Professional musicians get paid. Just like professional Sports people get paid. (Does anybody really believe that Wayne Rooney et al only Drink Lucozade sports? In fact if recent press articles are true he is more likely to be hitting the WKD!)

    I dont care what Joe bloggs, or anyone else plays. You will play what is within your price range, and after that the instrument that suits you personally.
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    I think that accolade actually belongs to Michael Dodd who has given his blessing to Stirling, Besson, & now Geneva - it must be a Euphonium thing, I can't see any Bb players having the houseroom for so many changes of heart!
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    You should look into the trumpet world - Doc Severinsen, Arturo Sandoval, James Morrison - between them they have probably been endorsed by every manfacturer going (quite possibly more than once).