Most memorable contest moment??

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    Last weekend's National Finals proved to be a nail-biter of a day with so many of the bands competing for not only the coveted trophy, but also for a place in national record books too. (ie. Fodens Double v Brighouse's Tripe etc…)

    I just wondered what everyone's best moments, situations or scenarios were that have made a contest so on-edge and memorable in the past?…

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    I hope that's a typo Ha ! Ha !

    ~ M5r Wilx
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    Oops ! ~ "Let he who is without typos....blah blah blah"

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    Oops...I did, of course, mean Brighouse's triple!..


    Rochdale contest 1984 Rhapsody in Brass,Barrow Colliery Band(now Barnsley Chronicle) Entire bass section and solo trom player very drunk...I came in a beat too soon at FFF.Resigned after coming off stage..won everything including prize for best basses....retracted resignation !