Most hated test piece?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by bagpuss, Jul 29, 2006.

  1. bagpuss

    bagpuss Active Member

    OK, this may have been done before (apologies if it has) but on the back of the favourite test pieces thread, what's everyones most hated test piece and why? Mine is one called variations. Can't remember who composed it. As I recall it was either an area or a national test piece a number of years ago and had little if any tune to speak of. It was disjointed to say the least! Having said that, I think we did quite well at what ever contest we played it at.

  2. tpcornet12

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    I hate to say it but I really don't like "Variations on Ladaute Dominum". I know it's a wonderful hymn tune and probably very well arranged but it just really gets on my nerves.... not the most intelligent argument I know but there you go!!
  3. PeterBale

    PeterBale Moderator Staff Member

    I've mentioned this one before: "White company" - a lot of bluster & effort for very little effect (IMHO ;) )
  4. LeDragon

    LeDragon Active Member

    Three Figures - It is just dire.
  5. Bass Trumpet

    Bass Trumpet Active Member

    Anything with Peter Graham's name at the top, especially that dross we had to play for the Areas. It's such a subjective topic, though. Somebody mentioned Howells' Three Figures, which happens to be one of my favourites!
  6. Horny Dentist

    Horny Dentist Member

    Couldn't agree more!!!
  7. ian perks

    ian perks Active Member

    Californlain Legend by Bruce Fraser
    Utter wicked hate the name of it let alone play it
  8. Jasper

    Jasper Member

    Images :frown:- McCabe
  9. BbBill

    BbBill Supporting Member

    Forth Suite by Bruce Fraser, 1990 Areas (I think?), was so bad we burned every single copy outside the bandroom when we got back from the contest!!
  10. KMJ Recordings

    KMJ Recordings Supporting Member

    To be fair, though, Images was't written as a test piece and IMO shouldn't have been used as one.
  11. Anno Draconis

    Anno Draconis Well-Known Member

    I quite liked it, although that's possibly because that was the first time I got to the finals and a small amount of guinness may have been involved...

    I also quite like Three Figures, although I can understand why it's not everyone's cup of tea especially if you were expecting another Pageantry.

    Top of my unspeakable cack pile would be Life Divine and the execrable Lorenzo, plus anything by Henry Geehl. I'm afraid I also think the banding world was better served by Howard Snell as a conductor and arranger than as a composer, as I disliked Images of the Millennium and loathed the 3rd section Pontins piece last year - I can't even remember the title.
  12. tam-tam2

    tam-tam2 Member

    What Lorenzo is top quality!!

    I hated the Second Section Areas piece Cullodon Moor, was playing sop at the time and had to sound like a bird!! Also had to listen to Diamond Heritage in Bugle and didn't like that.....sorry Mr Barry!! Don't like Blackfriars either.
  13. michellegarbutt

    michellegarbutt Supporting Member

    Although I've started off hating quite a few test pieces by the time it comes to playing them I've usually changed my mind. The only one I've still hated on the day I've played it was Images of the millenium
  14. James Yelland

    James Yelland Active Member

    I wouldn't say I hated any of Martin Ellerby's work, but his music has always seemed to me an awful lot of crash bang wallop, with an artificially high note count.

    I get the impression that he tries too hard.
  15. Charmed

    Charmed Active Member

    I will probably get 'shot down' for this, but of all the test pieces I 'remember' :)eek: ) playing, the only one that has drove me mad, that I've hated rehearsing, and would genuinely have done the long standing 'burning of the test piece' ritual after every contest is 'Pageantry'!!!!

    I don't know what it was about it, but I hated everytime we got this piece out, and couldn't wait until we had walked off the stage last year at the Finals, hopefully, not to see it again for as long as possible!
  16. Salute to something? Perhaps Youth? Am I getting confused (again?).
  17. Veri

    Veri Member

    I hated Postcards from Home when I played it at Pontins a few years back, but, it really really grew on me, and I ended up buying the Grimethorpe Wilby cd so I could relive it!

    It's quite easy to dislike osmething that you don't know, when you're struggling to find the music in it.
  18. Anno Draconis

    Anno Draconis Well-Known Member


    - I looked it up. How sad am I?
  19. Alan Fernie

    Alan Fernie Member

    As no doubt one of mine'll appear here soon, I'd just like to show support and sympathy with my fellow Scots composer; California Legend is by Bruce Broughton, not Fraser.

    Anyone remember "Pantheon" by Keith Amos (National finals 4th section 1991)? ..... thought not.
  20. Jasper

    Jasper Member

    Good point.....though I suspect a number of the 'testpieces' weren't originally designed for the contest stage - but they got there - how ?....therefore the finger points firmly back toward the organising committees :biggrin: