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    Most Embarrissing Rehersal

    I have started this thread in order that we can find out "What is the most embarrissing thing that has happended in a rehersal".
    • Perhaps a cornet player fell backwards of stage whilst playing?
    • Or the Soprano cornet player arrived for the xmas concert completely drunk?
    • Maybe the conductors trousers fell down during a piece?
    To make it more interesting, lets not limit to just rehersals, lets open it upto concerts, marches and competitions.

    Come on.... use this thread as a chance to get it all of your chest (maybe that happened during a rehersal, who knows;) ?)
  2. Lauradoll

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    I remember once at the Carnegie contest, the flugel player of the Lochgelly band fell off the stage before they had even played a note and reduced their flugel to a crumpled mass. I was really young when that happened though.

    I also went to see Brassed Off in Liverpool when Haydock were the "Grimley" band, the Soprano player had a full head of hair during the 1st half and a total skinhead for the second half. (Ian Twiss!!!) I couldn't work out what had happened! I asked him afterwards- he just fancied a change so got one of the makeup people to shave it all off in the interval. Class!!
  3. hmmm, well... i was playin with Marsden in the rememberance parade on Sunday, and kind of wobbled and nearly fell flat on my face :oops:
  4. Chunky

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    • I do believe Melph you are talking about the Christmas Concert a few years ago when Lee fell off the stage into the Christmas Tree, thats why he now has a ridiculously high voice.

      As for a soprano player arriving for the concert completely drunk, I seem to remember that happening to a certain soprano player called...................MELPH!!!!

      We have the pictures folks he is sat there for the bulk of the concert just staring into his music wondering what he is meant to be doing!

      These pictures can be put into the public domain :biggrin:
  5. imthemaddude

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    I know a guy who was told that the rehearsal was from 10 to 12 which was different to the normal 1030 - 12.30 rehearsal and couldnt believe it when he walked in at ten minutes to 12 because he had miss heard and thought it started at ten to twelve!
  6. Rapier

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    I wasn't there, but would have loved to have been, when a certain Conductor stuck the baton through his hand!! (Meandmycornet may have been there, not sure). :clap:
  7. Melph

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    That sounds like one conductor that needs to take "Chill pills"!

    Any idea what he was meant to be doing at the time?
  8. BigHorn

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    That was in the national press. Just googled it - here is the link OOOUUCH!
  9. My most embrassing moment was playing a carol concert in a social club many years ago and one of the more senior members of the band had his wife bringing the beers to the band while we played. The conductor frowned upon this but said nothing, we normally stopped for interval and raffle, but this year the conductor decided for some unknown reason that we should stay seated while the raffle went on, this was fine expect for the six pints of bitter now wishing to leave my body. I had been willing the interval to come for the last three pieces, bearly able to play because any tension on the stomach was potential disaster, so my choices were, to stay and become embarressed or get up in front of everyone and hobble off. I chose teh latter much to the disgust of the conductor. I learnt a very important lesson that night. If you leave a concert in the middle for a wee don't come back with a full pint, or the conductor will try to stab you with his baton!!!!!!
  10. Chunky

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    I heard that another one of your better moments was at Wymondham Carnival when you decided to change the route of the march. Or are members of one of your former bands just making things up about you?
  11. That is technically true, yes. But i was sober at least, being a bass i was at the front right corner of the march and didn't know the route. I turned right and didn't the band not. I carried not for a few steps before the sound of the band seemed to be in the distance. The cornet players thought it was funny seeing a bass running past the march it should of been at the front of......
  12. Rob Palmer

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    Many, many years ago at a remembrance parade, we were gathered around the war memorial in a local park. It came to that solemn moment for ‘Last Post’ to be played but as the conductor raised the stick to signal the cornet player, he paused & looked down, our eyes followed his eyes to see he was stood in the biggest dog turd you have ever seen!!! I’m sorry, it is a very serious & solemn moment BUT…… I think we just about got away with it, as the British Legion didn’t say anything!!!
    But on the way out we marched down the pathway to exit the park where a beautiful ornamental fountain stood…. Right in the middle of the pathway… you know what’s coming don't you!?!?

    We were in ranks, 4 abreast & were told to split, two either side to go around the fountain…. It had to a bass player. I heard the clang/splash & saw two legs sticking out……I think they noticed that?
  13. ian perks

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    I did a XMAS concert once with a certain band i was a member of and we were playing Cops&Robbers by elgar Howarth.

    Wel, our Flugel player(Female ) was dressed up as the Robber as she was playing her top came undone it and well:woo
  14. Melph

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    Quote "he paused & looked down, our eyes followed his eyes to see he was stood in the biggest dog turd you have ever seen"

    On the same theme as this, I once played Principal cornet for the Army TA (Anglian Regiemnt) and were about to go on at the East Of England Show... big event!

    Anyway, prior to us entering the arena, there had been a display with a local hunt group, so about 30 dogs or so in there....... you can imagine what it was like!

    But worse, all day the arena had been used by horses, cattle etc, so the whoke place was peppered with 4inch high mounds of dung. As this was a marching display, we were warned that the Bandmaster would be watching very closly and if anybody stepped out of formation to go around a turd, they would be in bigger turds!

    We finished the display, black polished boots were yellow as well as the bottom couple of inches of our uniform!
  15. Melph

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    Is she still playing and do you know whether they have any more concerts coming up!!!!
  16. Melph

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    Dont you just love local reports \ papers... they add incidental bits that have nothing what so ever to do with the news, like in this case.... " Mr Tilling, who is divorced, said he hopes to be able to carry on as a conductor and even plans to conduct the band at a Proms concert at the Princess Hall, Burnham, on June 1. But, before the accident, he had decided to quit Wessex Brass after five years as its conductor.

    Is it me, or is the fact that he is divorced in some way connected to the incident? :rolleyes:

    The question is.... did he conduct, did he give up, did he leave the band as planed?
  17. ian perks

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    I was once at a area Contest Midlands area about 1980/1981 at Derby Assembley Rooms when the one band who i wanted to hear came on the stage started well and got better conductor was doing well and all of a sudden this watch Alarm starts bleeping out, everyone is looking round to see where it was coming from.

    Then the conductor puts his hand in is jacket pocket and finds out it is his watch alarm thats going off.
    He lost his place on the score and gave the wrong beat which threw the band out and for 6-10 bars it went all over the place wrong entries and a lead important lead not given by conductor, the results were given they came 6th i knew the band and conductor i saw the remarks after and it said
    Letter M-N??????? what went wrong here : Conductor was that your alarm going off ?????
    It was such a shame as they would have won the contest easy.
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    that was before my day! but i've heard all about dave :tongue: apparently an animation of it appeared on channel's fours 100 most stupid injuries or summat with a similar name! :tongue: it was quite serious though cos poor dave had too go to casualty!
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    Never turned up drunk, i must say! but , have none the less had a few embarrasing moments. The MOST embarrassing one would have to be at a war weekend, out with the youth band, we were unexpectedly asked to play some hymns, (which we had to arrange on scraps of paper 5 mins before the "service") then during the service the vicar again unexpectedly announced the last post, and all eyes looked at me, so I stood up, and could I remember how it went at all? Could I heck. I knew all the bits but not neccessarily in the right order. It would have been hilarious, except it was a deadly serious occaision. Sooooooooo embarrassing.
    I played like a total and utter chimp, with all the bits in the totally wrong order. I could see the entire youth band struggling to keep their faces straight, and the vicar cringing, also the audience lookin at me like I was doing it deliberately coz everyone knows the last post right?! Yeah until you are put on the spot and it kind of vanishes from ones head.
    Funnily enough I've never been asked to play it since, can't think why.:oops:
  20. meandmycornet

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    hahaha i'm sure Dave was well impressed with that! :tongue: