Most embarassing banding moment

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Flugel_Player, Jan 19, 2006.

  1. Flugel_Player

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    Come on, get it off your chest, what is your most embarassing banding moment, i will strt,

    I was at the annual miners GALA we, were all sat on the grass around the river, when... stupid me dropped my mouth piece in, i thought o well, nothin can go wrong.. as knelt over ... ( you no what happened next ) and yes all my friends were around me, after this inciddent i ending up marching out, DRENCHED! with no socks on.. :rolleyes:
  2. Flugel_Player

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    tht was embarrassing...
  3. Flugel_Player

    Flugel_Player Member

    Cheeeee... ?! :oops:
  4. Flugel_Player

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  5. jingleram

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    Hva ehad several incidents in morning meetings at the army where I have either come in early, or carried on for another verse! Also being a bit of a showoff, I try to whack out some high notes to top off a piece, invariably, i get them! However, when I miss, I miss spectacularly!
    On a slightly different note, not so much embarrassing, as I just couldn't stop laughing, could hardly breathe, shaking with steam coming out of my ears almost! It was at a music school, and one of the pieces we were rehearsing was a cheesey calypso number. Right up to the concert, the euph and baritone section had been purposley playing the middle section of the piece a semitone up, a semitone down, and some completley random notes thrown in to boot. This ad us going bad enough, but we agreed not to do it in the concert. So when we got to that part of the piece during the concert, we were all watching eachother with smiles, knowing that one note out of place would just send us into hysterics. So, all going along fine, no-one's dared to do it, and then I split one of the notes mistakedly, and that was enough, never laughed so much in my life, couldn't play for at least 5 minutes after that! Gues you had to be there!
  6. Flugel_Player

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    he he, nice!!
  7. Charmed

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    Letting the 'older' band members get me drunk on my 16th birthday! What were they thinking????

    Then walking into the next rehearsal with a high polo neck (get the picture), to see 'a person' flaunting what should have been covered by a high polo neck!!!

    Hasten to add I have never touched cider since!
  8. Rapier

    Rapier Supporting Member

    I once played drums in a rock band at a concert where different acts were performing before an audience of 1000. We played one set, left the stage for another act and the stage hands moved the kit etc off the stage. Just before our next set, the stagehands put it all back. The curtains open, we go on and half way through our first number one of the tom toms fell off!! It rolled across the stage, stopping by bumping into the lead guitarists legs.
  9. Charmed

    Charmed Active Member

    By the way, before you read TOO much into this, it was innocent enough, just taught me never to get to that point again with alcohol!
  10. timbloke

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  11. cornetgirl

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    Far too many to recount here but the most recent was realising that a certain hoppiebari hadn't put the brakes on the concert bass drum and I'd not bothered to check...

    First piece of the rehearsal and there I am whacking merry hell out aforementioned drum and managed to deafen each of the bass section in turn before I realised I'd travelled across the bandroom!!!!!!

    I now always check the brakes on anything hoppie's been near....

    Rach x
  12. Craigsav83

    Craigsav83 Active Member

    That reminds me, not so much embarrasing, but funny. I had driven from Edinburgh to Motherwell for the Scottish Championships, and only when I arrived to get changed did I observe that my black trousers were situated in Edinburgh! Oops! All was well after one quickly arranged trip to trusty Asda...

    Embarrasing, Scottish Championships 2005... if you wern't there I'm not telling you...
  13. The Cornet King

    The Cornet King Active Member

    Most embarassing moment of mine was doing a concert in Switzerland.
    The band walked on stage, i was top man and went on last...everyone sat down, only one of my chair legs was dangling over the edge of the stage which i hadn't noticed.

    So i sat down, the chair, me and my cornet went flying in front of the whole band and large audience...:oops: Just glad it was only a drop of a few inches!

    Needless to say whenever i walk on stage i make sure i'm nowhere near the edge of the stage!
  14. BOB_

    BOB_ Member

    i was doing a charity concert with my band and a choir and we had to sit on stage while the band were singin and i fell asleep then was too tired to play properly when i woke up
  15. Steve

    Steve Active Member

    Derby contest last year depping for Hathern, presuming the kids in the front row of the audience were pointing cos I was messing around and had a black trombone, not cos I had my flies wide open. Poor darlings.

    That and falling of my chair trying to get turn a page during a piece cos I was more than a little tipsy. Flat on my face knocking the stand over and sending mutes flying, then realising the puddle of spit from the trombone had slightly moistened a rather embarrasing part of trouser leg. Band carried on though, fair play :clap:
  16. Tack7

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    A few years ago at the RNCM Festival, B&R did a programme of Aagard Nielsen music. He came over to rehearsals & was there on the day. The finale was Norwegian Dance which has a rather funky bass line. Anyway, the tuba section slowly marched down the side of the band & along the front playing the funky bit. As it was the last piece i expected us to walk off after the applause. Solo Eb nodded & i followed them off towards the troms only to realise they were going back to their seats & my mate on Bb was almost back to his. I did an elegant pirouette & may have got away with it if the rest of the band, still stood for the applause hadnt pointed at me & shouted "GO ON TACK!"

  17. LilMissFlugel

    LilMissFlugel Member

    At midsummer brass (2004) my conductor introduced me infront of the whole of pershore abbey (full as flowers were following us), as the 8 year old flugel player to play the ashokan farewell. it was great apart from the fact that i was 10 and i kept having people come up to me congratulating me as i was so young!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. DublinBass

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    At the North American Brass Band Championships we have to perform a program of about 30min. You are allowed to rotate players in and out as tlong as there are no more than 30 players on the stage at a time.

    I forgot to go on stage for one of my songs...that was pretty embarassing.
  19. BeatTheSheep

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    go to this site and search for bass trombone


    was playing with YBS at a posh sort of garden party for the directors of the building society and it was remembrance day. so we had to play the last post. Unfortunately the principal didn't really know it. so he played it in a jazz style. excpeptionally well, of course, but even worse, the band started laughing eventually. in the 2 minutes silence. we couldn't help it. The soloist managed to hold off laughing until nearly the end of reveille.

    never been so embarrassed in my life
  20. flower girl

    flower girl Member

    i did a concert a while ago, and i fell over a mute on stage and knocked over every stand in the front row and a couple on the back. i was sooooooooo embarrassed. we had to re-set all of the stands up before we could play anything :oops: :oops: :oops:

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