Most annoying person on TV?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by leisa, Dec 8, 2006.

  1. leisa

    leisa Active Member

    Who d'ya reckon?

    I am just watching this morning and i cannot stand eamon holmes wife, whateverhernameis she irritates the hell out of me. can also not stand Kate Garroway, it ruins loose women when she is on it grrrrr...
  2. davidquinlan

    davidquinlan Member

    Change the channel then.....
  3. SuperCat

    SuperCat Member

    I don't like Kate Garraway either, probably because I think she's funny looking but a lot of people find her attractive. Same goes for Penny Smith and Fiona Phillips who is the most annoying person in the world. She appears to be thick and only interested in herself. Cat Deeley is too nicey nice and false too! Thats my b*tching over!
  4. BigHorn

    BigHorn Active Member

    Jeeezz.... where do I stop there's hundreds all as bad as each other in their own way

    Lizo - off newsround
    Sharon Osbourne
    Dianne Abbot
    Cliff Richards
    Tony Blackburn
    Keith Chegwin
    Claire Sweeney
    Andy Akinwolere - New Blue Peter presenter
    Carol Smiley
    Ray - off X-Factor
    David Cameron
    Andrea Mclean - GMTV weather girl
    SpongeBob SquarePants
    Christopher Biggins
    ......and anyone who appears in a Werther's Originals advert.
  5. [SIZE=-1]Russell Brand

    A complete waste of oxygen !
  6. BigHorn

    BigHorn Active Member

    Oh just remembered - this really is my most annoying person on TV.

    Shami Chakrabarti the Director of Liberty . She's always popping up on BBC news reports, Question Time, Newsnight etc., condemning any attempts to deport foreign criminals or deter false asylum seekers. The archytypal proponent of PC claptrap, who always takes the opposite view to what the great British public would think.
  7. Bryan_sop

    Bryan_sop Active Member

    You beat me to it! How annoying is he?!?!?!?!
  8. NeilW

    NeilW Member

  9. Pythagoras

    Pythagoras Active Member

  10. Will the Sec

    Will the Sec Active Member

    Very cleverly so.
  11. leisa

    leisa Active Member

    mainly everyone on gmtv hehe
  12. Bryan_sop

    Bryan_sop Active Member

    Clever maybe, but there are many cleverer people that aren't nearly as irritating! :mad:
  13. brassneck

    brassneck Active Member

    Nicky Campbell ... just doesn't look trustworthy for wome reason!
  14. Anno Draconis

    Anno Draconis Well-Known Member

    Aaah, Nicky Campbell.

    A third rate, boring, DJ with pretensions to serious journalism, which he interestingly supported by hosting Wheel of Fortune. Formerly the ruination of Radio 1 in the afternoon and now the ruination of the Five Live Breakfast show.

    Also Catherine "funny as leprosy" Tate. Am I alone in not getting it? I suspect not. But am I bovvered? Well, yes actually, when my licence fee is paying for this bilge to fill the airwaves.

    Brian Sewell. What is he for?

    Jimmy Carr. Simon "sorely in need of a punch in the face" Cowell. Anyone on I'm a D List Celebrity, including Ant and flippin' Dec. John Stapleton. Self important, pompous git.

    I'll go and have a lie down now......
    Time for my medication....:icon_evil:
  15. Dave 2nd2nd Cornet

    Dave 2nd2nd Cornet Active Member

    You are not alone Andy:clap:
  16. Crazysop

    Crazysop Member

    Its an advert actor ~cough cough but how irritating
  17. Anno Draconis

    Anno Draconis Well-Known Member

    "Hi, I'm Barry Scott"

    :mad: I don't care if you're Scott of the bleedin' Antarctic, I'm not buying anything you sell.

    Neil & Christine Hamilton, who will prostitute themselves on just about any TV show that will have them, pleading poverty. That'll teach you to take brown envelopes stuffed with cash from potty Egyptian millionaires. Allegedly. Oh no, hang on, they did.

    The medication's not working......:-?
  18. SuperMosh

    SuperMosh New Member

    Barry Scott is great!

    Surely not as annoying as..............

    Aled Jones (well done, you sang a song about a snowman years ago)
    Gary Wilmot (panto in derby apparently now)
    Any celebrity endorsing shampoo
    Lulu in that stupid advert about her cholestrol
    Ruby Wax on that blimmin circus thing

    Rant over. Merry Christmas.
  19. Ffion Flugel

    Ffion Flugel Member

    Agree wholeheartedly with the Lulu comment, but it would be interesting to know who everyone thinks is brill!!! After all, it is the season of b****y carols!
  20. DaveR

    DaveR Active Member

    Nope, you are wrong. Barry Scott is infinitely more annoying than any of those other people. It wouldn't be so bad if he was a "real" person - i.e. the person who invented Cillit Bang (which is a ridiculous name!) - but no person called Barry Scott has ever been associated with the business, other than someone who shouts a greeting at me every commercial break. He's merely an actor trying to convince me that he is a celebrity that I should know.

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