Morley March & Hymn Tune Contest 2

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  1. geoff. fowler

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    If your band would like to take part in this years contest there is still time. The closing date will be Monday 7th July

    More details can be found in the Calendar or by contacting the Contest Controller, Geoff Fowler on 0113 253 0719 or by e-mail on
  2. geoff. fowler

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    The adjudicators for the contest at Morley on 13th July are;
    In the box - David Horsfield & Kevin Wadsworth
    On the march Darren Stott ex principal at Sellers
    Deportment Neil Garratt ret'd Sergeant Royal Ulster Rifles
    Further information from Geoff Fowler on 0113 253 0719
  3. Col

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    Good event enjoyed the day any results had heard Marsden won overall and Sellars won the Youth and Youth Deportment

    ALLROUNDER New Member

    Does anyone have full results from the contest yesterday?

  5. Gladis

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    From what I remember, these are some of the results:
    Best Youth: Sellers
    Deportment: Grange Moor
    Best 4th Section: Tingley (apologies if they won 3rd section, I'm not sure)
    Best 3rd Section: ?
    Best 1st Section: Knottingley Silver
    Best Hymn: Marsden
    Best March: Marsden
    3rd Overall: Grange Moor
    2nd Overall: Knottingley Silver
    1st Overall: Marsden
  6. TP Euph

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    Deportment...woo-hoo! That's a first...good job there were no corners!
  7. Gladis

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    Lol, it might be a long march but at least it was straight. Although the cars parked on the side of the road nearly got in my way! The joys of marching!!
  8. leisa

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    god only knows how that happened!!!
  9. 2nd man down

    2nd man down Moderator Staff Member

    Well lets face it Paul, if it wasn't absolutely tipping it down it would give you a markedly better chance than last year!! We didn't so much "march" as "paddle" in 2007!! :-?
  10. andybt1984

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    Well done Marsden again :clap:
  11. leisa

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    I think i've figured it out!! Sally and I actually managed to stay in step with our line this time rather than trailing behind (we only have little legs) the past few times, plus by some extreme fluke we all turned and walked off at the same time when we had done...either that or the rest of you must've been terrible on the march!!!

    Well done to Marsden!
  12. geoff. fowler

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    The results

    I would like to thank, on behalf of The Morley Lions & The Morley Entertainments Committee, all of the bands who took part in the contest on Sunday. There was some excellant playing on offer which was appreciated by audience and supporters alike.:clap:

    Overall winner = Marsden (Ch)
    Overall 2nd = Knottingley (Sect.1)
    Overall 3rd = Grange Moor (Sect.1)
    We had 2 section 1 bands entered, who came 2nd & 3rd overall, which meant that the prize for Best Section 1 band not in the above prizes was withdrawn
    Similarly we did not have an entrant in the Section 2 category
    Best section 3 = Garforth Brass
    Best Section 4 = Tingley Brass
    Best Youth = Sellers Int.
    Best Contest March = Marsden
    Best Hymn = Marsden
    Best Foot March = Marsden
    Best Deportment Open = Grange Moor
    Best Deportment Youth = Sellers Int

    Congratulations to everyone, and we look forward to seeing you all again next year

    Geoff. Fowler
    Contest Controller
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  13. paddo

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    with drawing the best first section band prize!

    was this not announced on the day to the said band Knottingley? not exactly fair that mate, changing your decision after the announcement...... tut tut
  14. TP Euph

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    Seems fair to me! If a band can't win best of a section if they're in the overall prizes, they will have to relinquish 2nd prize overall. Let's see which Knottingley prefer...