Morgan Griffiths returns to YBS

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    Morgan Griffiths returns to YBS

    [​IMG]The YBS Band can reveal that their new principal euphonium player is the world renowned Morgan Griffiths.
    Morgan, as many people will know, has a long standing connection with YBS, playing with them as recently as their groundbreaking tour of Australia in August 2005. His solo work in the nine concerts brought standing ovations and confirmed his standing as one of the all time great euphonium players.
    Morgan’s history with YBS dates back as far back his early teens, when it was known as the Hammond Sauce Works Band. Their conductor at the time, Geoffrey Whitham, is one of Morgan’s biggest musical influences. Morgan went on to play principal euphonium with Black Dyke Mills Band at the age of eighteen before returning to Hammonds, which subsequently became YBS.
    Morgan has toured as a soloist extensively across the UK, Russia, Japan, Switzerland, Norway and the Netherlands. In 1999, he was named as ‘Euphonium Player of the Year’. His solo CD, ‘Voice of the Euphonium’, recorded with YBS has won critical acclaim.
    Having recently taken some time away from playing to focus on developing his conducting skills, Morgan returned to playing with the Fairey Band, scooping the best euphonium prize at the recent Brass in Concert Championships.
    Morgan made the following comments when asked about his return to YBS:
    “I am delighted to be returning home to YBS, re-joining my dad who is librarian having been associated with the band throughout most of my playing career. I am excited to look to the future building on the band’s incredible successes. ”
    Morgan’s first appearance with the band will be at Scarborough over the weekend of the 20th / 21st January.
  2. Moy

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    Oooooo well done.
    OK when do we hear about solo horn????

    Some very fine players being signed.:clap:
  3. jim

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    Great news. Just one thing that how douse it work cos hes played for fodens (english nationals) this year, timperly (pontins) and fairys (brass in concert)? has he been borrowed for some of the jobs? (just a thought not trying to be negative!)
  4. critic

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  5. Kermit

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    is it not possible that he could have been borrowed for all three contests??
  6. robcav

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    Indeed. According to the Brass Band Registry rules, article 16 and 17(b) which cover transfers and cancelled registrations, a player is not allowed more than two moves/transfers within a twelve month period. Given that the three contests referred to above have occured since February 2006 it would seem unlikely that Mr. Griffiths would, under registry rules, be permitted to play with YBS at the Yorkshire Area which would be a shame. He may, of course have had a day transfer to play for Timperley at Pontins; and there seems to be no information available (though my search has been cursory) as to whether Brass In Concert permits borrowed players or day transfers. I feel sure there is probably a rule hidden away that I've missed which would legitimise his registration.
  7. PeterBale

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    The English Nationals allows for borrowed players, which was the cause for some discussion when it came to light.
  8. AndyCat

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    They could simply cancel his card and reregister as a new player.
  9. Kermit

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    So then technically he could have been borrowed for all three contests, which would then mean that he could still be signed for YBS???
  10. johnmartin

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    Does it matter. It's a great signing by YBS. Perhaps my "end of an era" statement may be proved wrong. Here's hoping.

    As an aside, do the registry rules define a "12 month period". It could be taken to mean either a rolling 12 months e.g. May to April or August to July, or it could equally be taken to mean a 12 month contesting season (January to December).
  11. davidquinlan

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    Why is this a problem? the transfer window is open.. oh.. hang on.. that's for football.. doh!
  12. PowerRanger

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    Not really! :roll:
  13. jim

    jim Member

    nah it dousnt matter! just curious!
  14. JohnnyEuph

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    Isn't a certain Ms Eggleshaw (Frickley) moving up to go to the Northern? Not a million miles away...:confused:
  15. Moy

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    Ok nearly all the top positions filled - what about MD?
    Any ideas yet?

    This will be a band.
  16. HBB

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    Don't forget that it's still 7 months til the next Academic year, and she's got lovely A Levels to concentrate on... :p
  17. zak

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    I think it's professor Plum in the Dining room with the Candle stick!!!

    Just want to wish Morgan all the best with YBS, a good bloke and an excellent player!!!!!

    Cheers ;)
  18. helen_euph

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    Morgan YBS


    Seconded about Morgan - all the best at YBS - a superb player :clap:


    ... I think that Miss Scarlett may audition for the solo horn seat in the dining room (for acoustic purposes mainly) carrying a dagger!!! ;) LOL