Morecambe and Wise Xmas Special on BBC2 now...

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by andyp, Dec 26, 2008.

  1. andyp

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    Is there a better piece of comedy involving music than Andre Previn conducting Eric Morecambe in the Grieg Piano Concerto?

    <horrified look from Previn as Eric plays "a la Les Dawson">

    Eric - "something up with the violins??"

    Previn "No."

    Eric "That's only your opinion!"

    Previn "You're playing all the wrong notes!"

    <Eric walks slowly round the piano, lifts Previn up by the lapels, stares him straight in the eye......>

    "I'm playing all the right notes.....

    ...Just not necessarily in the right order!"

    It's all about the timing, and it's just superb. No matter how many times you see it, it's still laugh out loud funny.
  2. paddo

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    yeah got to say totally brilliant. Had to record it, one of those magic moments that will be very hard to beat. M&W, masters in comedy, most never get any where near......
  3. WoodenFlugel

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    I'd argue there aren't too many better pieces of comedy full stop. It still makes me laugh and it must be one of the most seen sketches ever. You only have to look at the reactions of the orchestra behind to see just what a great bit of comedy it is.

    Eric and Ernie - pure quality. And anyone who disagrees with that is wrong. Full stop. No argument.
  4. Aussie Tuba

    Aussie Tuba Member

    I remember seeing it 1st time round years ago .... CLASSIC
  5. Will the Sec

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    I loved the vignette the following year. A close up of Andrew Preview with a sullen look on his face, saying, "I started out with Morcombe and Wise, and look where I ended up." The camera panned away, to show AP on the deck of a routemaster, ringing the bell.

  6. Anno Draconis

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    Well I'm gonna argue. You want to take it outside, pal? ;)

    I don't get the appeal of Morecambe and Wise. I mean AT ALL. I've never, ever, found anything they do even remotely funny. I've had similar arguments with my dad about the Goon Show, which I don't get either. Then again there's a guy I work with who hates Monty Python and Blackadder, so he's clearly not normal. :rolleyes: Each to their own, I guess.

    However, what really gets my goat is that the Beeb have the gall to show a 1971 CHRISTMAS SPECIAL at primetime on one of the major free-to-air terrestrial channels. This is television that is older than me; I don't have a problem with repeats neccesarily (I'd happily watch Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy again for instance, or The Box of Delights) but this smacks of both extreme laziness and cheapness to me. This is the problem with the digital/internet TV revolution - despite the fact that the BBC now has 4 national TV channels and 8 national radio stations plus a massive website all of which need content, there isn't noticeably more content-generating talent around than there was in the 80s, so what there is gets spread somewhat thinly and the average quality of each channel's output declines proportionately.
  7. David Mann

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    In my opinion a couple come close: Tom and Jerry at the Hollywood Bowl and the Puttin' on the Ritz sequence in "Young Frankenstein"
  8. David Mann

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    Oh, and the Eurovision episode of "Father Ted"
  9. Maestro

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    What about Tom & Jerry in Cat Concerto? Surely worth a mention here. :clap:
  10. StellaJohnson

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