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    Emley Band are pleased to announce the signing of seasoned Soprano Cornet Steven Biggs. Better known as Wiggy to many in the banding world, Steven joins the band from Chapletown Silver, having previously plied his trade at local bands such as YBS Concert, Elland Silver, Lockwood silver and, further back in time, the Yorkshire Bus Company Band.

    At this point the band would also like to extend it's heartfelt gratitude to Alan Moore who, after several years of excellent and faithful service, has moved from the Soprano Cornet Seat on to the cornet front row to make way for the arrival of Steve Biggs. It's yet another show of great bandsmanship from within the band, with completely unselfish behaviour being displayed and carried out once again for the common good of the team. :clap:

    We would also like, at this point, to welcome Andy Horton on to our cornet back row. Andy joined us some weeks ago from local band Grange Moor and has already proved a worthy asset, sharing his talent between both the front and back benches.
    Andy Brings with him experience of playing at Championship Section level which has proved to be a healthy and useful addition to the solidity of our already strong back row.

    We would also like to welcome and introduce our new Flugel Horn player Emma Johns (flugel fancy on tMP). Emma joined us just after the area contest, vacating the principal cornet seat at Oughtibridge Band, and has already tasted contest success with the band when, on her first contest outing since joining, we won Section B at the local Pogson Bray own choice test piece contest.

    The band extends Steve, Andy and Emma it's usual warm welcome and we hope that their time with the band is a long and successful one.


    Need any Bass players ? I know a few that are interested.:cool:
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    Ahhh, thanks Crawf :tongue:
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    We have a full and settled bass team i'm afraid, and Uncle Al 70+ is still leading the way in the bandroom and pub alike!!

    This years 4 great additions, Keith, Wiggy, Andy and Emma have made our bandroom bulging at the seams. Including 3 regular Perc players. And as a consequence the attendance is top notch and the band are progressing at a cracking pace.
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    Great news - good luck to all the new players in your band - and I must say that players in my bands generally would not move over onto another instrument to make way for incoming players! Well done! :)
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    And wouldn't you know it, our new Sop couldn't make todays job, so Al Moore just quite happily popped back on and did it.

    Great bandsman. Well done Al. :clap:

    Well done everyone in fact, no one else has a band room like ours.
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    The Smell you mean?!

    FATNBALD Member

    Im pretty sure u'll find that the bandroom @ Grange Moor also has 4 walls and a roof:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
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    I bet we have something you dont......Minty the mouse (and about a thousand moths and bats)
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    steady on you lot, you will give me a big head!

    seriously tho, thanks for the big ups! We have a great team at Emley and I think anyone else in the band would have done the same. The team is far more important than the individual so I was happy to move on to cornet.....
    'Ave it!! :)

    Having said that Ive just found out im on sop again tonight and Im supposed to be in Batley in an hr so better crack on!
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    good to hear you are filling the spaces keep it up