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Discussion in 'Computer Corner' started by Leyfy, Jan 20, 2009.

  1. Leyfy

    Leyfy Active Member

    I am trying to open a MIDI file created in Logic (not the pro version) on Sibelius to edit the score etc.

    However, it keeps telling me it needs to be a 'MIDI file 0 or 1' when I try to open it in Sibelius. I have done a little online research, and apparently it is a Logic problem. I can save each track individually (or merge the tracks together) and open them, but I can't save the MIDI with the seperate tracks to open.

    This is really frustrating as I have 11 seperate files to open up and edit, all with numerous tracks. What is even more frustrating is that Cubase has NEVER given me this problem.

    Any ideas? (There seems to be no way of changing the type of MIDI file it is saved as)

    Or ..... Will Logic Pro give me the option to edit the parameters when saving as a MIDI, as I do have access to one copy at work???
  2. mikelyons

    mikelyons Supporting Member

    OK, just a thought, couldn't you open the midi file in cubase and re-save it before opening it in Sibelius?
  3. oldsop

    oldsop New Member

    Just a thought. Try selecting all the tracks and then exporting as aMIDI file.

    Hope this helps.
  4. brassneck

    brassneck Active Member

    It should be straight-forward ... File > Export > Selection as MIDI File (see here). Otherwise, open the file in another sequencer and save it as type 1.
  5. mikelyons

    mikelyons Supporting Member

    Erm, didn't I just say that (more or less?) :dunno :rolleyes:
  6. Leyfy

    Leyfy Active Member

    Yeh, I have tried 'file - save as - midi' ! :)

    What I've discovered:

    You CAN open it in Cubase, but if any tracks have divides them, Cubase opens them as completely new track, so everything has to be glued together in Logic before saving. You can then save them in Cubase as a Midi, which Finale or Sibelius will then open.

  7. brassneck

    brassneck Active Member

    more ... or ... less! ;) (but I thought I would make sure that the small print was there!).

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