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    Ok, Ive almost convinced myself to enter, I wrote a post before seeking different advice but now specifically I worry slightly as Ive been teaching myself for the last few years!:redface:

    Anyway, since I play sop ther is only a trumpet listed on the repetoire list for diploma, so is it OK to play those pieces but with the sop?

    Also I need a little help building my programme, which should be about 20-25 mins long... I already own Neruda and Capriccio, however I purcahsed them from june emerson music so I dont know if they will do, does it matter?! They are the full unwatered down versions! :clap:

    BACH, JS / PIPER ​
    [/FONT]Nos. 1 in C, 5 in D [FONT=Arial,Italic]from [/FONT]The Well-Tempered Player [FONT=Arial,Italic](Rosehill Music)

    BAINES ​
    [/FONT]Pastorale [FONT=Arial,Italic](Schott)

    [/FONT]Tout a cinq temps (without using ‘facilité’ option) [FONT=Arial,Italic](Leduc / UMP)

    [/FONT]Any TWO of Nos. 7, 8, 9, 10 [FONT=Arial,Italic]from [/FONT]24 Vocalises [FONT=Arial,Italic](Leduc / UMP)

    [/FONT]Nos. 5, 7 [FONT=Arial,Italic]from [/FONT]Fantasy Pieces [FONT=Arial,Italic](BrassWind)

    [/FONT]Sonata [FONT=Arial,Italic](BrassWind)

    Any TWO ​
    [FONT=Arial,Italic]from [/FONT]12 Études [FONT=Arial,Italic](Musikverlag Hans Sikorski)

    BRANDT ​
    [/FONT]Any TWO of Nos. 28, 29, 30, 31 [FONT=Arial,Italic]from [/FONT]34 Studies [FONT=Arial,Italic](IMC)

    [/FONT](trans. Korak) Any TWO of Nos. 37, 38, 39, 40 [FONT=Arial,Italic]from [/FONT]The Complete Solfeggi

    (Balquhidder Music)​
    DAMASE ​
    [/FONT]Hymne [FONT=Arial,Italic](Lemoine / UMP)

    DELONG ​
    [/FONT]Sonata Française [FONT=Arial,Italic](Kendor Music)

    [/FONT]Concertino in Bb [FONT=Arial,Italic](Editions Musicales Transatlantiques / UMP)

    [/FONT]Still Waters AND The Defence of Poesy [FONT=Arial,Italic]from [/FONT]Mercurial Dances [FONT=Arial,Italic](BrassWind)

    [/FONT]Sonatine [FONT=Arial,Italic](Peters)

    [/FONT](arr. Cruft) Suite for trumpet and strings (complete) [FONT=Arial,Italic](Stainer & Bell)

    [/FONT]Prelude and Capriccio [FONT=Arial,Italic](G & M Brand Publication)

    [/FONT]Cantabile et Allegro [FONT=Arial,Italic](De Haske)

    HANMER ​
    [/FONT]Three Sketches (complete) [FONT=Arial,Italic](Emerson)

    [/FONT]Little Suite (complete) [FONT=Arial,Italic](BrassWind)

    KARZEV ​
    [/FONT]Two pieces, Op. 9 (complete) [FONT=Arial,Italic](IMC)

    [/FONT]Concertino, Op. 45 No. 6 [FONT=Arial,Italic](Carl Gehrmaus Musikförlag Stockholm)

    LOCHE ​
    [/FONT]Rhapsodie [FONT=Arial,Italic](Leduc / UMP)

    NERUDA ​
    [/FONT](ed. Wallace) Concerto in Eb (selection to include 3rd movt.) [FONT=Arial,Italic](BrassWind)

    OTTO ​
    [/FONT]Trumpet Concerto in Eb [FONT=Arial,Italic](BrassWind)

    [/FONT](arr. Snell) Three Scriabin Preludes (complete) [FONT=Arial,Italic](Emerson)

    SPARKE ​
    [/FONT]Capriccio [FONT=Arial,Italic](R Smith & Co.)

    [/FONT](arr. Tarr) Sonata in D, G.7 (trumpet in D or Bb) (complete) [FONT=Arial,Italic](Musica Rara / Breitkopf & Härtel)

    UENO ​
    [/FONT]Sonatine [FONT=Arial,Italic](De Haske)[/FONT]
    [FONT=Arial,Italic]I havent heard of many of these pieces, something suitable for the programme, yet some of it to be reuseable in the future, any help you can give is most appreciated!

  2. waynefiler

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    Generally, you shouldn't use the sop or Eb unless in specifically tells you to. You might get away with on the Neruda but not any of the others.

    Like it says on the Torelli, it gives you the choice. Bb or D.

    I've only heard of a few on the list. The Gregson is ok as is the Neruda and the Larsson is a good one and pretty easy too.

    Good luck with the exam.

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