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    Hot on the heels of all 22 European Championship performances being made available for download comes the latest release by Foden's. World of Brass is to be applauded for licensing these recordings to Foden's for release on itunes, if that is indeed what has happened, and it's intriguing to note that the blurb says 'the first volume'. The 'CD' contains 5 of the 8 'top 2' performances by Foden's at the National and British Open since 1999. Does this mean we can look forward to another volume with track list including:

    The Maunsell Forts (British Open 2002 runners-up)
    Rococo Variations (British Open 2008 winners)
    Concertino for Brass Band (National 2008 runners-up)

    The performances on this 'first' album are top notch, as are the recordings, and there must be the potential for other bands to follow suit. With 12 wins and 13 runners-up between them at the National/Open since 1999 (the year of the earliest Foden's recording), Cory and Dyke in particular would generate sufficient demand for several volumes you would think!

    Others with a 'top 2' placing since 1999 are:

    YBS - 3 wins, 1 runners-up
    Fairey - 2 wins, 2 runners-up
    Grimethorpe - 2 wins, 1 runners-up
    Brighouse - 2 wins, 1 runners-up
    Tredegar - 1 win, 1 runners-up
    Leyland - 1 win
    Ransome - 1 runners-up
    Whitburn - 1 runners-up

    A couple of 'best of' volumes from this lot perhaps? :D Or maybe an album consisting of performances that didn't quite get the result that was expected - YBS (National 2000), Dyke (National 2010), etc ;)

    I guess much will depend on the financial success or otherwise for the interested parties of this first volume.
  2. Can I ask where all 22 of the European recordings have been made available to download?
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    Can anyone advise who the conductors were on this first set of recordings? This is a great idea and I hope it proves successful. Good value too!
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    Should be able to pick up the relevant information from here
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    Got it; thanks.
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    Now I'm feeling a little dumb :( I just paid for the download but can't find out how to actually download the files! Help please!