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    The European Brass Band Association has released some more details about the upcoming European Brass Band Contest in Belfast, between Monday 24th and Sunday 30th of April


    The opening gala concert of the EBBC 2006 on Thursday 27 April will see two Northern Ireland bands – 1st Old Boys from Belfast and Strabane Concert Brass – joined by guest soloist Alan Morrison and, in some spectacular special arrangements, the bands will be joined by the sound of the mighty Grand Mulholland Organ, the magnificent 19th century organ which is the centre piece of the concert venue the Ulster hall Belfast. The concert will be presented and conducted by Frank Renton.

    For the Gala Concert on Saturday 29 April, the Black Dyke band under conductor Dr Nicholas Childs have promised some fantastic new music and whilst full details are being kept under wraps it is hoped to include specially commissioned music written to accompany dramatic film footage from the silent film era. The second half of the concert will feature a variety of local Northern Irish artists – so expect flutes, pipes (both Irish and Scottish), drums as well as brass.


    The EBBA has also announced the three finalists for their third European Composers Competition. One of these three young composers will follow in the (succesfull) footsteps of Bertrand Moren (1998 ) and Simon Dobson (2002):
    • Gareth Downey, Northern Ireland,
    • Joel Engström, Swede
    • Kevin Houben, Belgium
    More information about the finalists can be found here:


    Jury EBBC (testpiece Championship Section and own choice B-section):
    Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen (Norway), Maurice Hamers (Netherlands) and Blaise Héritier (Switzerland).

    Jury EBBC (own choice Championships Section):
    Jappie Dijkstra (Netherlands), Goff Richards (England) and Paul Young (Northern Ireland)

    Jury ECC (1st round):
    Kenneth Downie (Scotland), Jan van der Roost (Belgium), Oliver Waespi (Switzerland).

    Jury ECC (final):
    Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen (Norway), Jan van der Roost (Belgium), Ian Wilson (Northern Ireland).


    Finally, also the list of oiwn choice pieces is published. The 4 bands in the B-section will play own choice programs consisting from the following pieces:

    Artic Funk (Thorstein Aagaard-Nilsen)
    Bohemian Rhapsody (Freddy Mercury)
    Born on 4th July (John Williams)
    Candide Overture (Leonard Bernstein arr H.Snell)
    Capriccio (Philip Sparke)
    Carrickfergus (Stephen Roberts)
    Dundonnell - From Hymn of the Highlands (Philip Sparke)
    Gethsemane (Andrew Lloyd Webber)
    Funky Brass (Otto M. Schwarz)
    Prelude on 'Tallis' (Peter Graham)
    Shine as the Light (Peter Graham)
    Summer Isles - from Hymn of the Highlands (Philip Sparke)
    Land of the Long White Cloud/Aotearoa (Philip Sparke)
    Toccata e Fantasia (Thomas Doss)
    Vitae Lux (Frode Alnaes)

    The competitors in the Championship Section have selected these pieces:

    Earthquake (Jan de Haan)
    Eden (John Pickard) 2x
    Extreme Makeover (Johann de Meij)
    Journey to the Centre of The Earth (Peter Graham) 2x
    Music of the Spheres (Philip Sparke) 2x
    Riffs and Interludes (T. Aagaard Nilsen)
    The Promised Land (Kenneth Downie)
  2. Jan H

    Jan H Moderator Staff Member

    On a personal note, I would like to congratule Kevin Houben for reaching the final of the composers competition.
    Since a couple of months, Kevin has been playing 1st trumpet in my band, and I know he already wrote a couple of real good pieces for wind band and fanfare band. I'm looking forward to hearing his brass band pieces... !

    p.s. Despite the family names, Kevin and I are not related ;-)
  3. Belfast Barman

    Belfast Barman Member

    Belfast, Northern Ireland
    Hopefully, I shal be "mossying on down" to the main contest on sunday.......anyone wanting the ful results, contact "brass journo", by which time I might have got in touch.. if not, you will see the results here shortly....

    Andy, in limbo (without a band........ someone in Belfast rescue me.....)
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