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    I feel all self-conscious now...

    As those of you who've ever managed to read to the end of one of my posts will know, my name's Dave Taylor, and my official brass banding activity is given over to Kidlington Concert Brass, the only Championship section brass band in the Oxford area, where I currently play Bass Trombone, though I have moved around the bottom end of the band to fit. In addition to this, I regularly play for various orchestral and chamber groups in and around the Oxford area (and occasionally also in London), on Trombones of all sizes from Alto to Contrabass and various other brass sundries, plus a fun little sideline in Piano accompaniments.

    To feed this habit, I work for the UK Atomic Energy Authority, on the MAST project at Culham Science Centre (near Abingdon), where I primarily model force balance in toroidally axisymmetric magnetohydrodynamic plasma configurations. So there you go.

    I took up Euphonium when I was 8, in 1987, with the Wantage Silver Band in deepest darkest Oxfordshire, and progressed through their large organisation, becoming principal Euphonium with the 1st section 'A' band at the age of 15. Meanwhile, I passed an audition for the NYBB on Euph at age 13, only to be informed that there were no vacancies in the foreseeable future. However, they also informed me, they were very short of Bass Trombones... I borrowed one from the Wantage instrument store, practised it up, auditioned the following year, and got in straight away. C'est la vie! Having gone to all this effort, I then left the NYBB a couple of years later when it became clear that the I and the powers that be there were going to continue to disagree vehemently over my hairstyle! Which still seems as ridiculous now as it did then.
    At age 18, I went to Warwick University to study Maths, where I swiftly abandoned my studies for a gruelling 10-rehearsal-a-week regimen of musical diversity. Whilst there, I played with the university brass band, beginning with their victorious contest debut, and culminating with their 3rd section finals appearance at the RAH. Returning home, I found myself plenty of playing opportunities, and, after a while, a job...

    And that's me. An effective and attested cure for insomnia!
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    Your hairstyle still seems ridiculous ???

  3. MoominDave

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    So I was told at lunch today. However, this was in the context of it being less ridiculous than me on my work pass photo which is in turn less ridiculous than I used to be.

    Personally, I think I am not sufficiently ridiculous these days, and intend to try harder.
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    So, you're a scientist, it goes with the territory.

    I was once told by my boss that she only appointed me because I had a ponytail, and she then proceded to appoint a new guy to the post of Head of Drama because he had an earing.

    Much better to be 'the chap with ridiculous hair' than 'Dave who ???'

  5. stephen_clapton

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    It was very impressive hair though. Shame it had to go..... :(
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    Well, the most ridiculous thing is that it's merely a little untidy and sticky-uppy these days, and people still comment on it... It did take a surprising amount of time to get used to having a student around at work called Dave Hare though ("But that was my name!")

    I think most infamy at work arises from being spotted playing the Trombone.

    Impressive and ridiculous hair is too hot for the summer! I've never regretted having it off; I do find it intriguing that it's still the most obvious talking point about me 5 years on! It must have been quite striking :rolleyes:

    These frivolous narcissism threads are quite fun, aren't they?
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    All very interesting but you stillllll haven't explained where the moomin bit comes from!! :tongue:
  8. MoominDave

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    Now that's simply untrue.

    If I knew, I'd tell you. I think The Groat left a lasting mark on my psyche when I watched the clay-mation version on telly as a young child.

    I used to post everywhere as "Dafydd y garreg wen", but then
    a) Everyone thought I spoke Welsh / was Welsh
    b) It was a bit pretentious
    c) I discovered somebody had been posting incriminating things about themself to alt.torture using the same username (or some similar newsgroup - I innocently ran a Google groups search on my username to find it).
    Looking for a new name, I picked it pretty much out of the air. ("Moominmama, Moominpapa - why not MoominDave?") It seemed to fit!
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    Dave's Hair

    Aaaw, but we miss the caveman look. Must try and dig out a picture from music school....
  10. jo

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    would that be the alex lakeland who was at central music school in oxford?
    I would go on about small world and all that but I really cant be bothered, anyway if it is you hi! remember me? i was the only girl in the percussion section!
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    No need to dig out a photo. Try this one here:
  12. MoominDave

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    Hoi! No hijacking. This thread exists solely for Dave-adoration purposes.

    You need to update your sig, Mrs Alex... ;)
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    Point taken about the sig. One day I'll get used to the new surname...
  14. DaveR

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    Fair enough! In that case, I will just say (as Dave has played this down a bit!) that he is also accompanpanist-in-residence at the famous (infamous??!) Oxford and District Brass Band Association Brass Festival, when he tends to spend the day surrounded by little people waving piano accompaniments at him! Mind you, I think he likes being in demand.... ;)

    As a (very rusty) pianist myself, I am lost in admiration for someone who can just pick up a piece of piano music and be expected to play it in public a few minutes later, usually with no practice at all!! Especially when the soloist is expecting a perfect performance from the pianist to help show off their own hard work. Well done that man! ODBBA salutes you :tup

    There, does that meet with the "Dave-adoration" criteria of this thread?

  15. MoominDave

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    Yes, thank you, my ego feels nicely tended-to now.

    King Dave ;)