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  1. Bungle

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    Last night were rehearsing a piece and the first horn part had been stamped 'Monotype Brass band'. Anyone know what became of this band and how they got their slightly unusual name. I googled the name and came up with this link so they may have been in the Dorking area.
  2. Roger Thorne

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    'Monotype' was a company involved with the old style letterpress printing process. It manufactured printing machines, hot metal casting machines and type faces.

    Many years, ago I served a my apprenticeship as a Printing Compositor which included a month in Redhill, Surrey at the Monotype Training School learning to type on a seven alphabet keyboard.


    Unfortunately these are now museum pieces, although I suspect there are still a few small printers using this process. Anyway, I digress so I would guess the Monotype Band could have been based in the Surrey area at their main factory?

  3. Roger Thorne

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    What was the title of the music and the date of copyright? This would give us a clue to the time period of the bands existence.

  4. andywooler

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    I recall something about this being in the Salfords area. I also recall having seen the name on a Scaba Trophy.
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    There is mention of the Redhill Brass Band contest circa 1890's and a brass band in Redhill through to the 1950's but unheard of after WW2.. Did it change to Monotype after that?

    Being from a Dorking/Horsham family this is quite interesting for me and would love to know more!
  6. Bungle

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    Sorry - Monotype Works Band

    Looking at the piece last night, it was stamped "Monotype Works Band" sorry if I have offended anyone. The piece is the brass band classic 'Chrorale prelude Deep Harmony' arranged by Denis Wright, published by Joshua Duckworth (I think our MD is revisiting pieces from his childhood). No copyright date on my part but a price 4/6. I think the first horn part is a later printing, as it is ironically in a different type face. I will try and remember to look for a copyright date on that part next week.

    I do find the names of old bands quite intriguing, our band appears to have picked up the library of a defunct local band Staplehurst 55. Now where did the 55 come from? Another one I have come across when helping Wealden brass is 'Hailsham Home Guard Band' now obviously formed around WW2 but did they change name because many players went off to fight, or did the home guard have nothing to do, so they formed a band? Well it gives me something to think about when I am sitting around while the MD is rehearsing the cornets.

    Anyone else come across with unusual names of bands stamped on pieces of music?
  7. andywooler

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    I don't believe they are connected - there's a bit about the Redhill band via Google which suggests a seprate existence!
  8. Bungle

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    Had a chance to look at the part and the copyright is 1967 to a publisher in the Netherlands. Came across the following links to the Monotype corporation.

    By 2006 the site was demolished to make way for a business park :cry:

    Our principle cornet Sharon McCallum knows some ex-members and hopefully will be able to ask about the band on Sunday at the Hove contest
  9. Anno Draconis

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    Monotype are a legendary nam in typesetting and designed many of the fonts you now use on your computer on a daily basis, plus most of those used by the major newspapers. Monotype are still a going concern as far as I know; have you tried contacting the company to see if they can shed any light on it?