Modern Daily Warm- Ups and Drills

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by elkartian, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. elkartian

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    I have this excellent book by Ilmari Ronka, "Modern Daily Warm-Ups and Drills"
    i feel it has everything in the 40 min warm up routine,
    The drills are great too ,with some nice reminders for alternate positions.
    For me it covers all the essential aspects of trombone playing, breathing, excellent chromatic exercises for accurate slide technique, rapid and different legato and staccatto tonguing exercises, gradual warm ups to the upper register as well as exercises to strengthen the embouchure too. plus some great altissomo register and sensible range expander exercises, i do think playing high has no short cuts just daily routines until you build your chops up to the job.
    All this in just 20 pages without ever becoming boring an amazing feat. I find that rapid progress is made by me and my pupils who continue to use it as a daily routine. it really is one of the best books i have ever seen.
    it says it is published by carl fischer but on their website there is no mention of it at all, i bought my book in 1977 in the usa and it is now very tatty and the cover is lost and would like to buy a replacement but finding a copy is proving to be very difficult...if anyone can find this book i would highly recomend it, you will be amazed at your progress
    does anyone else use this warm up method and does anyone have any information on Ilmari Ronka please
  2. Other good warm ups

    For those interested two more good warm up books are ASA know how by Rolf Quinque and the Warm Up section of the Allen Vizzutti complete method books.

  3. Laserbeam bass

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    ...............and for the rest of us there is:

    1. Put your instrument on or near a radiator (depending on size)
    2. Go to the bar for the requisite 40 mins
    3. Pick up instrument and play

    Wise words from a well known Sop player
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    :lol: When I haven't got John Ridgeon handy - the book not the fella - I stick it up my jumper! Thank goodness it's a cornet... ;)
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    Sounds like another question for our American friends. Try Trombone Forum
  6. Yeah putting it up your jumper or by a radiator is just as good as are the many different creams and cold compresses you can get for bruised lips. There are always exceptions to the rule and people who can just play and I wish them all the very best..but if its good enough for Winton Marsalis to warm up for 20 minutes at least before a gig its good enough for me.
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    I've found that if I leave my 2 week old daughter in the bell of my euph for half an hour or so, it warms nicely ;)
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    I prefer the hairdryer myself, great for when you've left it in the car overnight during frost/snow. Warms it up just nice and saves embarrassing trips to a&e with mouthpieces stuck to your face.:tongue:
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    That'd make a lovely photo y'know! If Anne Geddes can do photos of munchkins in flower pots, I'm sure the brass band fraternity can come up with some corkers of their own! :biggrin:
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    i managed to get the Ronka Daily Warm ups and Drills from Pender Music Company Texas
    it arrived by post today and was only $5 a bargain
    On their site it now say's it is temporaily out of stock but i have ordered another one for a pupil.

    so i will soon find out if it is still obtainable or out of print and i just managed to get the last copy from old stock
    i am so pleased i got one at last

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