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    Mode for....Band! is a new series of albums of music suitable for your
    school/training band which have been put together ingeniously to fit any school/training
    band that can work with 10 players or more.

    Currently available is Mode for....Band! - Book 1 and Mode
    for....Band! - Book 2.

    These are the great benefits That Mode for has to offer you and which make it the best product
    on the market for School/Training bands today.

    * Mode for....Band! Book 1 and 2 work together as a complete
    concert programme in two halves

    * Programme notes on each piece

    * Lead sheet for each piece for conductor's ease

    * Supplied in 10 different multi-parts in formats suitable for
    brass band and wind band

    * Percussion parts incorporated for Kit and Glockenspiel (where appropriate)

    * Solo pieces for the 'stars' in your band

    * Designed to push the training band by giving them interesting
    and original music

    * The arrangements do not detract from the quality of the music

    * Music supplied as wire bound conductor's scores plus a CD
    containing all parts for printing by the purchaser when required

    * The CD also contains MP3 files of all the pieces for listening
    before you rehearse and the players can play along with their MP3
    players as part of their practice routine

    * Each piece will work together with a more advanced edition of
    the piece (so you can integrate your beginners into the senior band)

    * Entire cost is £100 per book or £170 for - meaning a
    substantial discount from the usual cost of purchasing music (usual
    RRP £15 per piece for brass band and £30 for wind band)

    * The scores are available in 2 versions. The first is Brass Band
    version where the score parts are mostly written out in Eb and Bb
    (there is a part in C for Bass Trombone) and a Wind Band version,
    where many of the score parts are written in C and Bb. The parts
    provided are in every combination that you could have, so all your
    instruments are catered for.

    The reason we can supply this music with such a substantial discount
    is that the parts are printed by yourself from the PDF files on the CD
    rather than having to pay for reams of paper you will never use. You
    simply print the single sided page for the part of the piece you need.
    You will receive scores fully printed and bound.

    If you would like us to send you an example of this fantastic series then please contact me and I will send you a sample score and the Midi file to go along with it.

    If you are interested in these great albums to build your library then
    please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Ian Knapton
    Mode for
    Sales Advisor
    Tel: 07792160553
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