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  1. Goldie Horn

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    Hi folks, bit of a geeky question this one!

    Has anyone else gone for one of these mobile broadband offers? I was really pleased with mine at the beginning but it's driving me mad now, really unreliable, VERY, VERY sloooooow (I've been told it's only just above dial-up speeds). Tried to download a couple of TV programmes from itunes last night and had to give up! I'm with 'three' by the way.

    Has anyone else had this problem? And what can I do about it? I'm in a contract for 2 years!!

  2. Pythagoras

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    I've had exactly the same experience. Was really good at first, but now is very unreliable in 3G mode and only works all the time in very slow 2G. Rang up the company to complain and they said that demand had been much higher than expected and network is struggling to cope.
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    I read an interesting letter in a magazine, think it was last months or may this months PC Format, and it pointed the finger at text messages. Apparently the SIM card in these things is still able to receive text messages like any other mobile number. The solution they gave was to pop the SIM card into a normal mobile handset and clear the mailboxes then hey presto back to full speed. Apparently the software cannot cope very well with a backlog of unread messages.
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    Well I just took the SIM card out and put it in my phone and it said Invalid SIM so maybe that was because I've got an Orange phone?

    I'll give Three a phone call tomorrow and complain and see what they suggest. I don't know what the situation is if you've signed a contract but if you're not getting what you thought you were getting when you signed it surely we are entitled to cancel the contract?!?! I don't know!!
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    Its the mailbox thing, i had to do it once or twice, because the sim cant work as well when it is full, i just borrowed a mates phone for a few minutes to clear the message box of all the advert **** that T-mobile sent to it.
  6. BoozyBTrom

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    We have the Vodafone version of this at work and working in the IT dept I helped to roll it out.

    In my "Professional" opinion Mobile Broadband is rubbish!!!!!!!!!!

    However that said the reason you will experience slow speeds some of the time is due to the fact that the card is set up to connect to 3G if available it is its "preferred" network. So even if the signal is weak it will connect to 3G and ignore the slower GPRS network which may have a much stronger signal and potentially run quicker. It will then get itself in a right old tizzy!! when it realises GPRS is stronger it will switch to this network. But then realise that there is a 3G connection available and swap back. It will then get itself in a loop and do this constantly and downloads will die. Obviously.

    So in short i would suggest changing your settings "when it runs really badly" to the use GPRS Network only and you should see a bit of an improvement. Not a great remedy i know coz we all want mega fast Broadband over the air. But as a Vodafone engineer said to me on a training course. Want fast broadband!! get ADSL installed at home.

    Since we changed our fleet of 3G cards to just use GPRS our External Reps have been able to access our systems download emails and browse the web with no problems. But it defeats the object really. You buy 3G cards to get 3G speeds.

    Basically as I said before Mobile Broadband is like the good old smelly brown stuff.
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