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    The sensational Mnozil Brass from Austria will be playing at the Royal Albert Hall on Saturday 16th October prior to the announcement of the contest results.
    We have obtained supplies of their two CDs and they are available on our website now.

    Ragazzi is the brand new release and Smoke Live is a live recording of a concert from a couple of years ago.

    Below is an extract from Steven Meads article in British Bandsman of 28th August;
    Mnozil Brass comprises fantastic players whose appeal crosses every stylistic border, from band music to orchestral brass, folk music, jazz and musical comedy of the most 'side-splitting' kind. The first time I heard Mnozil in Mannheim in 2003 I found myself visually and aurally transfixed from beginning to end and didn't want the concert to finish.
    I could describe Mnozil's act as a brass opera or a West End show, but it is also a comedy, a choral concert and sometimes a virtuoso brass concert - all at the same time! Incredible.
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    This seems to be their website:

    Some good downloadable snippets on there. They sound like fun.

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    Mnozil Brass will be at the R. Smith & Co. trade stand in the Elgar Room at the Royal Albert Hall tomorrow (Saturday 16th October 2004) to sign copies of their CDs.
    They hope to be there at approx. 2.45pm but have a very tight schedule so may be a couple of minutes late.
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    I know that there have been some comments made in the RAH thread but I was absolutely awe-struck by this group on Saturday.

    They were as slick as a greasy icicle with each player of virtuoso standard. Some of the trumpet tounguing in the Light Cavalry spoof was breathtaking; the speed and togetherness was just nothing like I have heard before. All that with doing pirouettes, leaps and jumps as well. I am just amazed that I had not heard of them before.

    As one of my friends said to me, "...earlier in the day we had the amateurs but have just been entertained by the professionals!"

    Needless to say I will be getting 1 or 2 of their CD's.

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    Funnily enough, we sold out of the stock that we took to the RAH soon after they had played!

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