Mnozil Brass. July 4th 2010. King Henry VIII School, Coventry.

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    Tickets for the Mnozil Brass concert, in Coventry, on July 4th 2010 , will be on sale, this weekend at the Midland Area Championships.
    Mark & Lesley Howarth will be on hand, with tickets, price £20, at Bedworth Civic Hall.
  2. Could you publish contact details of how to obtain tickets for this events please. Thanks Andy
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    Hi Andy,
    Quickest way to get tickets is to email me on, I'll send you details and reserve what I can for you for 1 week. Event details are already up on Auditorium somewhere.
    Lesley Howarth
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    Mnozil Brass, July 4th 2010, King Henry VIII School, Coventry

    Many thanks to everyone who ordered or purchased Mnozil Brass tickets at last weekends Midland Area Championships. There area still a few tickets remaining. Please contact:

    Mark & Lesley Howarth
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    Don't miss this year's mnozil concerts

    22nd June Queen Elizabeth Hall Oldham 7.45pm, Tickets 0161 770 4083
    23rd June Morley Town Hall 7.30pm, Tickets 0113 224 3845