Mnozil Brass in the UK

Discussion in 'The Auditorium - Concert Details' started by ruthhaasbb, Jan 27, 2008.

  1. HowarthBrass

    HowarthBrass Member

    Mnozil Brass @ Uppermill & Huddersfield

    The Mnozil Brass 'Magic Moments' show is absolutely amazing. :clap:

    We just saw it in Coventry (4th July) and have immediately ordered our tickets for the Uppermill concert.

    Easily the best show I've ever seen and can't wait to see it again!!!
    Roll on 5th November.

    Mark H. :tup
  2. ruthhaasbb

    ruthhaasbb New Member

    Agree, just a masterpiece in all aspects. Can't wait to watch it again:clap::tup
  3. HowarthBrass

    HowarthBrass Member


    Yes it doesn't seem possible, but they get better and better. Just don't know how they do it!!!

    All the people I spoke at Coventry's Mnozil concert were absolutely knocked out by their brilliant show and said they'll be booking their tickets for November.

    4 months to wait though. :eek: Too long!!!!
  4. Baritonedeaf

    Baritonedeaf Member

    The Coventry concert was amazing. Tickets already booked for Huddersfield!
  5. HowarthBrass

    HowarthBrass Member

    Should be a bit cooler in November than it was at the Cov concert.
    So many people from the Coventry want to see the show again. Think we'll have to book a coach or two!
  6. Phil Green

    Phil Green Supporting Member

    Got my tickets as an anniversary present after nagging the wife for not having come to the Coventry show (after I'd bought her a ticket!!) It's on the same night as a band gig - have booked the dep already.
    For those that haven't seen them - you MUST go, you've never seen or heard anything like it.

    Thanks again Mark for having the balls to organise the concert - hope it paid off.
  7. HowarthBrass

    HowarthBrass Member

    Hi Ruth,
    Will the Diggle 'All Stars' Band be playing pre the Mnozil Uppermill concert this year, as they did last year. Really enjoyed it! :clap: Two concerts for the price of one. :D

    Mark H. :tup
  8. HowarthBrass

    HowarthBrass Member

    Really looking forward to seeing and hearing Mnozil again at Uppermill on Friday night!
  9. ruthhaasbb

    ruthhaasbb New Member

    Mark, sorry for late reply, was a bit busy ;)
    Hope you enjoyed the concert and Diggle wasn't too much of a pain listening to
  10. ruthhaasbb

    ruthhaasbb New Member

    Diggle Band is again promoting two mnozil concerts:

    22nd June Queen Elizabeth Hall Oldham 7.45pm, Tickets 0161 770 4083
    23rd June Morley Town Hall 7.30pm, Tickets 0113 224 3845

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