Mnozil Brass in the UK

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  1. ruthhaasbb

    ruthhaasbb New Member

    Uppermill Concert 2009

    Yes, I know because we booked them last Tuesday: Uppermill Civic 18.04.2009!

  2. MickM

    MickM Member

    Fantastic! Can i book a ticket now please? :biggrin:
  3. youngblood

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    Mnozil Date for BRASS 2009

    I have just been given the following dates from Rob Guest who booked this years BRASS festival.

    Looks like we may well have to stay in durham after the Miners Gala and catch Monozil on the Sunday night!

    Saturday 4th July - Reg Vardy Band
    Sunday 12th July - Mnozil Brass
    Saturday 18th July - Grimethorpe Colliery Band

  4. ruthhaasbb

    ruthhaasbb New Member

    who wants to host mnozil?

    As you are probably aware Mnozil will have a concert on the 18 April 2009 i n Uppermill.
    We are now looking for a second venue to make their journey worth while!
    If anybody is interested to host Mnozilbrass on Sunday 19 April 2009, please send me an email, Thanks
  5. ruthhaasbb

    ruthhaasbb New Member


    Details are now out!

    Diggle Band present for the 2nd time:
    Mnozil Brass in Concert 18th April 2009, Civic Hall Uppermill
    For tickets enquiry please email

    Tickets are £ 20
  6. Clyde Slider

    Clyde Slider Member

    Posted the cheque off yesterday Ruth, thank you for letting me know!:biggrin: I would encourage anyone who can to go and enjoy these brilliant musicians who so obviously enjoy what they do - last years concert at this venue was absolutely breathtaking - can't wait!! Well done to Diggle Band for getting them back again:clap:
  7. ruthhaasbb

    ruthhaasbb New Member

    Thanks, you are absolutely right about breathtaking, that's why we are getting them back; it's just something you like other people to experience
  8. ruthhaasbb

    ruthhaasbb New Member

    Don't forget:
    Mnozil Brass in Concert
    17 April 2009, Marsden mechanics
    18th April 2009, Civic Hall Uppermill
    For tickets enquiry please email

    Tickets are £ 20
  9. Independent Silver Band

    Independent Silver Band Active Member

    For those of us across the ocean, they will be at here in the U.S.A at locations to be disclosed later in 2010. I am trying to help with bookings if any one is interested.
  10. dickyg

    dickyg Member

    Check out their version of Bohemian Rhapsody on youtube - it'll know yer socks off!!!
  11. trumpetmike

    trumpetmike Well-Known Member

    It is good on Youtube - it is better live!

    I have seen this group a few times now and they just keep getting better.
  12. Elliebone

    Elliebone Member

    Was there at Marsden Mechanics last night - absolutely superb. If you haven't seen Mnozil, treat yourself next time. If you have, just keep going back... nothing like it. Thanks to Brian Taylor and friends for making this possible.
  13. Martman

    Martman New Member

    We were also at Marsden Mechanics Institute for Mnozil Brass concert on Friday night. Unbelievable playing and fantastic entertainment. They are coming back next year - don't miss it!! Thanks to Brian and Diggle Band for arranging such a memorable event.
  14. satchmo shaz

    satchmo shaz Active Member

    we saw them at Uppermill on Saturday and they were AMAZING!!!!:clap::biggrin:
  15. Tubabrian1

    Tubabrian1 New Member

    Hear hear!

    I came all the way down from Scotland to the Mechanics on Friday night....what a show! Fabulous playing, brilliant entertainment.

    Also managed to meet up with a few banding friends I haven't seen for a number of years. Well played Diggle Band and Les Beevers too! Ably assisted on front row by the one and only Jim Shepherd and ex-Dyke and Versatile Brass Legend, Colin Aspinall on Eb Bass. Fantastic to meet up with you guys again after so many years.

    Good to meet Jason Katsikiras and Brendan Wheeler from Leyland Band. ...and a wee mention for the lovely Katrina Marzella.....nice to chat with you again. Good luck to you guys in the Open, and all the best, Katrina, in your upcoming Law exams at Yooni.
  16. ruthhaasbb

    ruthhaasbb New Member

    Just to get it right, Colin Aspinal and Jim Shepherd have joined Diggle Band, they did not just help out.

    Thanks everybody for travelling and making the concerts a success.

    Mnozil is booked for next year:
    Uppermill Civic 5th November 2010
    Hudderslfield Town Hall Saturday 6th November 2010.
    Put it in the diary

  17. Clyde Slider

    Clyde Slider Member

    Absolutely spot on - we travelled up from Dorset to see Mnozil, having seen them at the same venue last year - well done to all at Diggle Band once again! The only reason this post is a bit "behind the times" is because we made a weeks holiday of it whilst we were up there, and even the weather was kind to us!!:D Looks like there will be fireworks of the musical kind in Uppermill next November then?
  18. youngblood

    youngblood Member

    Mnozil at Durham in July

    Mnozil are confirmed for a concert in Durham as part of BRASS on July 12th (day after the Miners Gala) tickets are selling well and it will be another great show.

    I do hope you can make it!

    Tickets from the Gala Theatre 0191 332 4041 or

    Teesdale Brass Band Contest 5th July
    Black Dyke Brass Band 6th July
    Miners Gala 11th July
    Youth Band Showcase 18th July
    Reg Vardy Band 18th July after the youth showcase
    DCBBA Entertainment Contest and summer picnic 19th July
    and other non traditional brass every day over the two weeks
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  19. ruthhaasbb

    ruthhaasbb New Member

    Tickets for this years concert now available

    Friday 5th November 2010, 7:30pmUppermill Civic Hall, OL3 6AE Order and pay over the phone 0161 620 1464 Jubb Travel or
    send a SAE and cheque made payable to 'Diggle Band' to Diggle Band, New Barn, Harrop Green Farm, Diggle, Saddleworth, Oldham, OL3 5LW We will dispatch the tickets as soon as possible.
    Enquiries or 01457873837

    Saturday 6th November 2010, 7:30pmHuddersfield Town Hall HD1 2TABOX OFFICE: 01484 223200 or order online
  20. ruthhaasbb

    ruthhaasbb New Member

    Sorry wrong phone no. 01457 873937