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    So, I did a degree in computing (flipping dont know why!) anyway, I got through.

    I wish I had done what I originally wanted and done a degree in Music, but now I find that I can apply for a Masters in Music (specialising in Performance) without having to do the original degree...

    I emailed the department and they said that I would need Grade 8 Theory and perform an audition to a standard well in excess of Grade 8

    Now Im prepared to go and get my Grade 8 Theory, but do you have to do Grade 6-7 beforehand or is it OK just to go straight in at the deep end? :clap:

    Also, its tough to know whats an audition well in excess of Grade 8! If I play Haydns Trumpet concerto Part II just as well as Wynton Marsalis would that do, or does it need to be crazy modern tosh? ;) Would love to play the Carnival of Venice... is that accepted as "well above Grade 8 practical"? :rolleyes:

    If so, any advice? I play sop, but I think Im even better on Bb cornet

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    My advice would be to try and get hold of the undergraduate repertoire lists from some of the music colleges, this would give you an idea of the sort of pieces that fall into the "well above grade 8" category. They may be published on websites or there may be current students on here that can help you out.

    As for the theory, its quite OK to dive straight into grade 8 but would advise that if you have no music theory background then start at Grade 5 and work your way up. No need to enter the exams just study the syllabus and do some of the past papers. That way you have the groundwork that you need for Grade 8.

    Good Luck!
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    Get a couple of lessons with a top-level teacher and get some first hand advice from them.
    A good clue as to whether they are of the standard you should be looking for - ask at a local university/music college with a good performance-based music department.

    If you are in an area without teachers of this calibre - contact one of the guys at RNCM, Huddersfield, Salford (somewhere with a decent tradition of cornet teaching) and ask if you would be able to visit them for a lesson or two. Take a road trip - it may cost a bit of money, but it will pay for itself if you get a high standard of advice.
    I know of one Australian lass who came to the UK to study with a guy over here - for one week only. After she left she said it was easily worth the money - she wanted to study with that particular person and so spent a LOT of money in getting those lessons sorted.

    Take a look at the recital lists of those who are doing their final degree recitals, or graduate recitals - that should give you an idea of what you should be preparing.
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    Thanks to you both!

    Have gone with the LCM board and got the Grade 5-8 Theory books.

    I think Im good enough to get in, only snag is the fees, which will be £3400 for the year! :biggrin:

    I see Carnival of Venice is on the LCM Diploma playlist, maybe that should be sufficient :confused:
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    hi. some collages have set audition peices eg the royal collage dose and the royal scottish too. make shore to check there web sites they give you the infomation. As for choosing peices for your auditions hyden is good... but every one plays that try to be differnt and stand out , but dont try too hard ! try the hummel too. try to get a contrast in style modern and classical worked ok for me ! good luck!
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    Do you not have to have grade 5 theory before you can enter any exams above? I'm pretty sure this is the case although it may just be Associated Boards that have this rule.