'Mission in Brass' The latest CD from B&R

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by WorldofBrass.com, May 6, 2003.

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    Just arrived is the latest release from Brighouse & Rastrick called 'Mission in Brass' .
    Track listing as follows;

    Mission Impossible
    A Glenn Miller Collection
    Something Stupid
    The Days of Wine and Roses
    The Ugly Duckling
    My Way
    Harlem Rag March
    Basin Street Blues
    The Witchita Lineman
    Selection from Cabaret
    All By Myself
    The Lion King (Soundtrack highlights)
    Eleanor Rigby
    Olympic Spirit

    Order your copy from our Mail Order department on 020 7367 6580
  2. Straightmute

    Straightmute Active Member

    Not round here. What a waste of good plastic. YBS give us new music from Derek Bourgeois and Brighouse give us Ugly Duckling.

    No thanks.

  3. Ankanala

    Ankanala Member

    That`s a bit unfair David! You can`t compare these 2 CD`s just because they were released at the same time.

    CD`s are produced for several reasons, and the B&R one was commissioned by Obrasso solely to promote their music catalogue. The YBS one is a showcase for a terrific band playing fabulous music. To me, both have their place as the Obrasso CD provides a service, particularly to lower section bands, (all due respect), who want to hear music before they spend hard earned brass. The YBS CD is a commercial venture to sell CD`s, and to promote the band and composer. The 2 cannot be compared.

    It is worth noting that B&R had no input into the choice of music, but we feel that it is a worthy CD in its own right. Not everybodies cup of tea, but neither is the vast majority of CD`s produced including the YBS one.

    Anyway, hope you, Liz and Daniel are well. Will we see you at Bromsgrove?

  4. Straightmute

    Straightmute Active Member

    Oh hello Alan - what a surprise!

    Yes I suppose 'a waste of plastic' was a bit harsh, even for me, but I'm sure you would admit that the musical content is just a little on the thin side. And I prefer those nice promotional CDs that come FOC with an extract from the score and a cheesy voice over... I've got hundreds...listen to them all the time...no, really!

    My gripe was certainly not with B+R for which I've no end of admiration (Prague was fantastic!) but rather the claim that the CD was 'sure to be a big seller' owing to it's lightweight content. As you point out, some of us prefer more substantial fare and the assumption that 'popular = trivial' (and in particular the inevitable converse of that statement) is something I try to resist at every opportunity!

    Maybe the next CD will be the complete band music of Harrison Birtwistle which is long overdue! Or even the complete Judith Bingham!


    PS: No, we've decided to miss the week of bodily abuse in Bromsgrove this year in favour of a new bathroom (and some singing lessons) but I hope to get along for the Friday concert. And we'll still be drinking at the oasis early in the new year! Love to all the family.
  5. Ankanala

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    [Maybe the next CD will be the complete band music of Harrison Birtwistle which is long overdue! Or even the complete Judith Bingham]

    Now there`s a thought! Having played the HB repertoire several times you`d have to put me in a straight jacket to record it. JB is different though, perhaps an opportunity there.

    Pity about Bromsgrove - who`s going to murder, sorry sing, Bohemian Rhapsody this year then?

  6. Straightmute

    Straightmute Active Member

    It'll sound fantastic in my new bathroom, as indeed it does in the old one! :lol: I'm sure that you could do a great Freddie Mercury, unless you're going to restrict your repertoire to Bob the Builder again. Hey, we're drifting off topic: how about Brighouse and Rastrick play Karaoke Favourites - sure to be a big seller...

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