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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by missing-pieces, Jan 18, 2007.

  1. missing-pieces

    missing-pieces New Member

    I have set up a mailing list to help brass players wanting to play in concerts and bands needing guest players to be able to get in touch with one another.

    This group has been set up primarily to help community, non-competing and lower section brass bands, initially in the area around North Derbyshire and North West England find guest players for concerts more easily. It also exists to help brass players (of all ability) to find opportunities to participate in performances more often and thereby make contact with brass bands.

    As this is a new idea I would very much appreciate your help, feedback and comments. (Rodger Bottomley, email me on missing-pieces@hotmail.co.uk )

    I do know that there are other brass band web sites out there (http://www.4barsrest.com http://www.brassbandworld.com http://www.themouthpiece.com ) and of coursehttp://www.bandsman.co.uk/deputy.htm has an excellent system for offering services to players – I feel that these are orientated towards ‘top end’ players. I have nothing against excellence of course, but feel that the ‘community’ end of the band world is sometimes left behind.

    I have no intention of making any names or contact details available publicly on the web, so if you want to set up a different disposable or anonymous email address to the one I sent this message to please let me know.

    I plan to have two parts to this system, firstly the email list – requests for or from players will be sent through this list. All accepted users can receive the notifications by email – either individually or in digest format.

    Secondly I plan to set up a spreadsheet of available players showing contact and instrument details. This will not be public but can only be viewed by invitees, probably using google spreadsheets and documents.

    Thank you for your interest and time,


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  2. TheMusicMan

    TheMusicMan tMP Founder Staff Member

    And of course they would all charge for similar advertisements placed in their media. tMP was set up with the interests of all bandspeople in mind - hence the ability to post these type of recruitment / promotion threads freely, whenever required - and without any charge to you.

    Please... we i.e. tMP do not as you imply, leave the 'community end' of banding anywhere near left behind, and I must admit I resent that comment.

    I do wish you good luck though with your mailing list, hope advertising it here helps.
  3. ploughboy

    ploughboy Active Member

    As a "bottom end bandsman" I have found the tMP advertising invaulble to helping fill our empty seats at Emley!! It's your site all the way john!

    also - a freind of mine has set a site up called www.emptychairs.co.uk - same thing different packaging - I'll still stick to tMP!
  4. TheMusicMan

    TheMusicMan tMP Founder Staff Member

    Thanks Gary, appreciate your comments.

    I really don't mind people using tMP to promote their business.. but when in the same promotion thread they insult the very core and objectives of tMP is what I find offensive.

    Besides... nowhere to be seen now?? Make a quick 1st post, use tMP for ones own benefit, no 'thank you', insults aplenty... sheesh sometimes it makes me wonder honestly.
  5. Rapier

    Rapier Supporting Member

    I read that post when it first appeared and thought, "Pay money for what tMP does for free"? I may look stupid, but that's just a cunning disguise to catch people off guard.
  6. timbloke

    timbloke Member

    I don't see why we need more websites and lists. 4br provides a good service for advertising vacancies which is now used by most bands I know of, and apart from the few bands who seem to think re-posting their vacancy every couple of days will fill it quicker, it is well run and a good way of finding out who is looking for what. tMP's vacancy page regularly has the same vacancies on it and often a few more, and has mods preventing bumping. bandsman.co.uk's vacancies seem to always be a bit out of date (eg currently in Yorkshire there is no post newer than October last year) so I guess it may be being used less and less.

    And for deps, tMP is second to none, there is an easily searchable list of deps from all abilities and levels of banding and i know plenty of bands, orchestras, wind bands and others, who regularly fill their concert and contest gaps through tMP. My only complaint, if a small one, is that not everyone sticks to the standard format, but I guess the more it is used the more people will get used to sticking to the format? or is that wishful thinking? Well done John, keep it up!
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  7. missing-pieces

    missing-pieces New Member

    Great if existing systems are used by all, I know of nobody in my banding circles having used web sites to find any deps - I have only been banding since 1967 and using web since I closed my prestel account.

    I have started this as a mailing list so people do not have to login, the enquiries come to their inbox - thanks for the feedback - I shall point folk to both tMP and 4br in future.

  8. TheMusicMan

    TheMusicMan tMP Founder Staff Member

    1 - you don't have to log in on tMP to see what deps or vacancies are available either
    2 - tMP can send out details in exactly the same manner as your list
    3 - why the sarcasm?
  9. missing-pieces

    missing-pieces New Member

    Oh dear!

    Have I trodden on some toes, starting this thread?

    Can I make a few things clearer please? This is no “business” – I never intend to charge, at any level of service unlike other sites. I give my time freely to help the banding community. As I always do for all of my rehearsals, playing and travelling.

    I had no intention of giving any insults, if my reference to the existing websites being used by/for mainly higher level players is incorrect, I apologise – it was based solely upon what I saw. I am interested to learn what other insults I gave “aplenty”?

    If the tMP setup really does meet the needs of the bands I inhabit then I shall gladly promote it, loudly and widely; happy to give up my idea and get back to having a proper life again.

    Apologies also if my reply seemed sarcastic, again not my intention – I was perhaps a little over- defensive, I only intend to help the band community, it felt as if I had joined the wrong site. Indeed I had asked for feedback but had not quite expected what I got, including being accused of “cunning disguise” again, how exactly?

    Of course, if you want to keep this site as a cosy self-interested environment that does not embrace new ideas nor welcome newcomers then I will gladly leave you to it.

    I offer here the thanks which I apparently missed earlier for giving me this unique opportunity.

  10. timbloke

    timbloke Member

    Not at all, but I think the feeling was perhaps (and correct me if I'm wrong John) that your first post on tMP suggested that tMP is a site that is not accesible to the whole banding (and beyond) community. That perhaps you had not fully appreciated the wide range of users and uses here.

    I don't think anyone was questioning your spirit towards banding, I'm sure you are very committed, in fact the fact that you are prepared to take time to set up a mailing list shows you must be. As for the charging issue, I'd guess that must just be people reading between the lines.

    Maybe tMP falls down in that it is not as widely known about as those of us who regularly use it think. I'm sure John and the entire team would welcome you promoting the site in your band room and amongst your friends. With nearly 8000 registered users in many different nations, it is getting there.

    Granted, sometimes it can seem like that. tMP is a busy forum with lots of people who know each other well through being in regular communication over the last 4 years posting regularly. In the same way you say you were being defensive, you will find that tMPers are a proud bunch that will defend tMP, perhaps too much, I'm sure your comments on that would be appreciated.

    I trust that you will return, take time to look around and see that it is a very dynamic site, taking on board many new ideas, and, in the example of the recently appointed "Young Person's Rep" embraces all players and people associated with banding.

  11. TheMusicMan

    TheMusicMan tMP Founder Staff Member

    Nope, not at all Rodger. We welcome all manner of posts and threads, as I said in my initial reply to you, be my guest. I wish you the very best of luck with your venture and please feel free to promote this on tMP.

    As is tMP a free resource for anyone to use. I give of my time freely, as do the 10 or so excellent tMP team members we have on here. I also fund the huge costs of the site personally, and have funded it for the last 4 years. We also welcome the kind generosity of several members who help via voluntary contributions - as running a site that has over half a million posts, nearly 8,000 subscribed members, and often delivers often in excess of 4,000,000 pages per week is I guess, a little more expensive than starting a mailing list - useful as it is of course.

    Apology accepted Rodger. This is what originally annoyed me. tMP has never been about the elite of banding, and has always been about grass roots players from all walks of life. We have a huge array of abilities in the members on here; from elder beginners through to young masters (work that one out then;) )

    I can assure you tMP does: 8,000 registered members, half a million posts, and nearly 60,000 unique visitors per month proves that. Please don't give up your idea, any initiative that helps the movement is a good initiative.

    I'm afraid I disagree with that comment - you were quite obviously sarcastic. However, apology accepted, thanks.

    4,000 newcomers in the last 18 months suggests otherwise Rodger. Once you read what has been posted elsewhere on tMP, I am sure you will soon see that we go to extreme lengths to welcome new members, and to embrace all your thoughts, ideas and opinions as to how we can keep tMP as interesting for you now as it was when you may have first joined. To be totally honest, that was an unfair comment you made given the amount of effort I put into making tMP the service it is.

    You are welcome, thank you. You see... while I welcome your coming on here and making a post (your 1st one) that promotes your initiative, perhaps an introduction about you in the introductions category, or a post or two here and there regarding other matters might have not elicited the same response from me - which as I already stated was in the main down to you categorising tMP in the same manner as some other banding media who I firmly believe do favour the elite. We at tMP though, do not... we favour everyone.

    Now then, enough of this, get that mailing list sorted will you... :)
  12. missing-pieces

    missing-pieces New Member

    Thank you both to Tim and John

    I certainly feel a lot better now, many thanks for your courteous answers.

    If my main offence has been one of staying away from forums and long term logins on sites then I accept the charge, having served my sentence following trial by my peers may I now rejoin the community? ;-)

    I will certainly have to look more closely at the etiquette of a forum before any further bumbling attempts.

  13. TheMusicMan

    TheMusicMan tMP Founder Staff Member

    You're welcome.

    Of course... rejoin away, you've a lot of reading to do... :)

    Currently can I suggest: Butlins threads, Conversations on the Regionals 2007, the Ban Smoking thread, all posts in the User Submitted News section, oh and watch that funny woman - Di, and her recently appointed female companion Sopha - these power crazed women... they're taking over the world I tell you.

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