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  1. jobriant

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    I'm in the process of re-oraganizing the library of The Pacific Brass Band in Salinas, California, USA. I find that we are missing four of the eight pages of the Conductor's Score to:

    Gershwin for Brass
    Music by George Gershwin
    Arranged bu Stephen Duro
    Arrangement copyrighted in 1970
    Published by Chappell & Co, Ltd.

    This is an 8-page, 2-line score in Bb. We have pages 1-2 and 7-8, but pages 3-6 are missing. If anyone has this in their library, I'd love to receive a copy of those missing pages, or else purchase, borrow or rent them.

    Jim O'Briant
    Conductor / Staff Arranger
    The Pacific Brass Band
  2. Anglo Music Press

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    Try Studio Music (the distributors of this piece). I'm sure they will be able to help you out.

  3. jobriant

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    Another Brass Band has provided us with the missing pages. Thank you!
  4. James Yelland

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    Did they not need the pages themselves???
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