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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by wally, Oct 20, 2004.

  1. wally

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    I had a quick blow on one of the new miraphone double Bs at the rosehill trade stand last saturday and despite having my hangover lips on, I found it to be potentially quite an exciting instrument - easy to blow - lovely tone - really well made. Does anyone out there have any experience of this newcomer??

  2. AndyCat

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    If it was a 1291 then yes, I had a blow on one in Miami earlier this year.

    They knock most Sovereigns into a cocked hat for ease of blowing, generally playability and tuning, but I can't imagine playing Odin or any other "4th valve heavy" piece with that valve configuration. Even with my old rotary valved one I couldn't seperate my little finger fast enough!

    If it's the "normal" looking one (the 1280) I've only played one briefly, but was very impressed. How much were they out of interest?
  3. Steve Marcus

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    I agree with you, Andy. I played one at the Midwest Band and Orchestra Clinic in Chicago last December. It may not have all of that cavernous, deep sound at the bottom of the range, but it is an extremely flexible instrument. The uncommon 5th valve on a BBb offers some very nice tuning options on the lower notes without the stuffiness sometimes associated with "compensating" horns.
  4. Okiedokie of Oz

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    I know John Szutko, the bass player who did the review on the Sovereign vs the last model Miraphone on 4 Bars Rest. He swears by the Miraphone BBbs, especially over the Sovereign. He musn't like Sov BBbs because he said he'd rather play an old Imperial over the newer Sovs. He hosts a big tuba site somewhere...I'll dig up the link and find it.......

    for a copy of the initial Review

    The site is Tuba central
  5. wally

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    ahaa. thats the stuff, very helpful - i'll check those links. thanks guys.

    The instrument i was talking about was indeed the 1280 ("conventional" 4 valve compensating). In answer to your question Andy, it had a price tag of just over 7 grand on it, however this is the rrp. Rosehill are advertising them at £5,250.

    Anybody else know any more??

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