Mineworkers/CISWO contest 2005 - open?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by bigcol, Mar 15, 2004.

  1. bigcol

    bigcol Member

    I've heard a rumour that the Butlins/Mineworkers/CISWO contest on 22nd Jan maybe an open entry one.

    Is that true?
  2. johnmartin

    johnmartin Active Member

    That's what Stan Lippeat announced off the stage at Skegness last year. Invitations will be extended to mining bands but after the closing date for accepting invitations there will be an open entry.
  3. bigcol

    bigcol Member

    Oh exciting - anyone know the closing date for it?
  4. cherrybassett

    cherrybassett Member

    From what I know it will be Mineworker bands fist invitation and if there are any places left it will be opened on a first come first serve basis.
  5. bandsman12uk

    bandsman12uk New Member

    if it is that will be good as one band that went last november i must say what a good contest it was and long may it run ,nice one stan
  6. Rebel Tuba

    Rebel Tuba Member

    Excellent news. We applied to enter this year - to expand our contest field - however were turned down not bieng a mining related band (unless digging for dirt on the flugal player is considered as mining).

    Well done Stan, if you will allow this. Hopefully this Bristol Band may be able to compete next year.
  7. nickjones

    nickjones Active Member

    Mineworkers / CISWO

    Would be nice to see the Mineworkers back in it's home in Blackpool....It was a great Atmosphere and a fantasic contest..shame some of the competing bands arnt with us anymore
    Point of Ayr Colliery ( EIMCO )
    Brodsworth Colliery
    Would be good to see a lineup with the likes of Grimey , Desford , stocksbridge , Ever Ready and the others
    would like to enter If it was open to all bands...I know the Mineworkes Eisteddfodd in Porthcawl is open to all bands.
  8. Deano

    Deano Member

    Having recently spoke to Butlins on a different matter, I asked about the contest and they said that the NEMBBA & Butlins are meeting shortly to finalise next years contest.
    There will be a closing date for mining bands and then it will be open to anyone.
    They are looking for up to 90 bands to enter.
    There is also a possibility of an increase in prize money for the lower sections.
    Let's hope that this contest builds on last years success and long may it continue, well done to Stan, Brian, Steve & their respective teams for rescuing this contest. See you in 2005.
  9. johnmartin

    johnmartin Active Member

    I'm glad that the contest has been saved but I don't see many bands relishing an early January date given that most of them will hardly be back from Christmas/New Year breaks. Obviously Butlins want to increase the use of their facilities during the quieter winter period, but why couldn't the contest stick to it's traditional November date.
  10. jimortality

    jimortality Member

    I believe they have moved it from November, because it clashes with the Scottish Open, Spennymoor and the Pilkingtons contest, and they feel there is not enough room in November for another contest.

    Jim B
  11. johnmartin

    johnmartin Active Member

    Maybe so, but the miners was established long before the Scottish Open and it's always managed with Spennymoor in the same month before.
  12. Janet Watkins

    Janet Watkins Member

    I think there was also a problem with Butlins being committed to 'special' events in November. ( 80's weekends, Over-18's etc.)

  13. jimortality

    jimortality Member

    I know, I'm only telling you what has been in the press and internet.

    Jim B
  14. cherrybassett

    cherrybassett Member

    I think there was also a problem with Butlins being committed to 'special' events in November. ( 80's weekends, Over-18's etc.)

    There was bands complaining last year that they couldnt enter because there was other contest on at the same time. So the organisers chose a date were there were no contests. It is just unfortunate that it is just after christmas. But if you look at it from any direction we could never suit all of the bands all of the time. I believe advice was taken from different avenues and this was the best result.

    All in all it is an absolutely fabulous weekend and personally our band coant wait.