Miners Gala 2009 - Who's going

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    Uppermill Band went in with Handon Hold Banner Group. (Our second year - played in the Cathedral last year it was awesome!!!) Cant remember who was in front of us at the County but we were about the fifth band through and Shepherd Group band followed us on at The County. A full list of order and which Band with which Banner group would be great. Brilliant day and fantastic weather till we got home and the heavens opened just in time for us unloading the coach at 22-30!!!.
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    Anyone know what the hold-up was in the morning? We heard about some sort of accident which led to the event being stopped for a while, but didn't really hear anything else to confirm this.
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    Durham Miners Association Band were first in and i think uppermill were second after that shepard
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    Dunston Silver are traditionaly the last band in and always end the parade with Gresford outside the County, but this year we were stopped from playing by the police and we had to march straight through.
    This but a damper on the whole day and I only hope that the hold ups were not caused by selfish bands hogging the stage and playing more then the one permitted tune outside the County, if your band did thanks for spoiling it for the later bands and stopping a little bit of tradition.
    Apart from that little rant we still had a great day and my head hurts.
  5. Thirteen Ball

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    I don't know about bands playing more than one item on the way in, but some certainly stopped to play more than one on the way out.

    Our coach driver very nearly ran out of hours because the band in front of us stopped three times to play impromtu concerts - despite the notes passed out to every organising comittee expressly forbidding this. We asked to go past them after the second time and were assured they wouldn't be stopping again - which they then did at magdalen steps, where there wasn't space to file our whole party past.

    Dissapointing to hear that some bands may have fallen foul of this going toward the racecourse as well.

    I realise everyone's there to have a good day out and entertain the public, but the format seems simple enough and kept that way it (apparently) normally runs smoothly.
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    Must admit the Marsden lot had a great day, me especially - met loads of old friends, saw familiar faces from round our way too and simply enjoyed what I call 'the other Whit Friday'. It's a tough endurance day but worth the effort!!
  7. Fantastic day. If you haven't yet been then make a date for next year. No competition, just lots of people enjoying the carnival atmosphere. As Mark says, it's always great to meet up with others who you perhaps do not see too often. I had a great day and hope to be back next year.
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    The Murton Recruitment line for next year is now open. Extra players are always welcome so if anyone wants to volunteer now for next year give me a shout
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    The local BBC News for North East England announced that 46 bands took part in the 2009 Miners Gala - so far I know the details of 37 bands / banners. One band I need to identify was the French ensemble that played before GT Peterlee. See www.westoeband.co.uk Also that about 100,000 people attended the event, according to the police and BBC news.
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    well said Dave.. it was very disrespectful to the 103 miners who lost their lives at Coundon - the pit accociated with the Leasingthorne banner we represent at the Gala. The band ahead of us were not allowed to stop either.

    Lets hope that next year we don't have the same problem.

    Other than that it was a fantastic day and great to see everyone!
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    Just been informed that Rockingham Band took in the Hatfield and Dodworth banners from S.Yorks. So still have a few bands to track down.
    Regarding Dunston not playing outside the County, perhaps it was because 6 bands were marching up to the Cathedral, leaving the Racecourse at 1:30. If the Gala continues to grow this will only get worse. The new banners need marching to the Cathedral so perhaps the bands will have to pass.
    What happened in the past when it used to take till 4:00 to get all the bands down to the Racecourse?
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    No less than I would expect from someone in Nottinghamshire.
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    Craghead Band marched the Craghead banner in assisted by 8 players from the York Railway Institute Band