Miners Gala 2009 - Who's going

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    Its worse than that, the Bag Pipes are from County Durham.
    Newton Aycliffe Pipe Ban.
    They made a point of marching into Prison Wardens Mess Bar car park last year, just to irritate the gathered bandsmen. On another point, they do have Bag Pipe Band Contests, where I presume the adjudicator makes comments about intonation and ensemble:) before awarding a prize.
    Still no bands from Scotland that I know of attending the Gala.
  2. Buckhaven and Methil Miners Band are representing Scotland. My old band so I'm looking forward to catching up with them!
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    Buckhaven and Methil Miners Band Anyone know which banner they're taking in ?
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    thats right NUM banner from Redhills - South Hetton banner being marched in by band from huddersfield. Know of a scottish band coming in addition to the pipe bands - they are from fife I think. Re police arrangements - no law can outlaw a parade of course you just have to contact the police and make arrangements with them.
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    So the missing links are
    Cwmaman Institute Silver Band - which Banner ?
    South Hetton Banner - which band from Huddersfield ?
    Buckhaven and Methil Miners Band (Scotland) - which Banner ?

    The known complete list of bands and banners can be viewed at www.westoeband.co.uk

  7. Well, I would have thought that it would have been more practical for Broughtons to take the South Hetton Banner in (Like they used to) , seen as they meet and are based in South Hetton. Maybe the fact that they have a very early start, and are the first band into Durham may affect this. I apologise for my earlier post, as I wasn't completely sure as to whether they were taking the South Hetton Banner in.

    Im hoping that the rain staves off !! If I remember rightly it was forecast rain last year but didn't really rain that much, I think the sun definitely makes it a more enjoyable day, as long as its not too hot.

    Additionally, its very much discussed among the brass bands as to who has the longest march... any suggestions or competitors for the longest march?
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    I am thinking of adding some extra columns to the list?
    Bands pre & post Durham Gala marches and concert?
    and piece played outside the County (Hotel)

  9. Thats quite a good idea! We have a practice tonight, and should find out the marches and pieces that we will be playing on saturday. Im looking forward to playing some different marches this year, alongside the traditional marches like "Slaidburn". I think we should be playing "Hootenanny" at somepoint.
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    Cwmaman Institute Silver Band will be marching with the Tower Colliery Banner.

    We're still in need of a bass player though so if anyone's free then please get in touch!

    07796 408915
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    Buckhaven & Methil Miners will be attending for the first time in our history and really looking forward to the whole weekend. We will be with the Thornley banner and hoping for a clear blue sky.......!
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    A pipe ban? That's a good idea! ;)

    Why on earth did a bagpipe band start up in Durham, when the Northumbrian pipes sound so much nicer...
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    This event is a bit of a mystery to me. I assume its a big mineworker/union march but where do the bands fit into the equation. I assume operative colllieries and there associated band march together but after that what determines who marches with who. What do bands play? Is it just a march and thats it? or is there a contest of some sort? Do the bands get booked and paid or is it voulantary?
    Is a spectacle worth going to see or is it band after band playing slaidburn with a few donkey jacketted red robbo clones following on with a union flag?
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    Both sound equally as bad in my opinion....

    See everyone on Saturday for beverages!
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    Bighorn, Only done it once myself, but generally it seems to consist of the bands leading their banner through the streets, stopping to play en entertainment-type piece to various dignitaries on a balcony, then finishing up on the racecourse not far away from durham cathedral.

    Then everyone has a lot of beer.

    New banners go to the cathedral for dedication, and the bands play at the church service.

    Then everyone marches back, packs up and has a lot more beer.

    That's about the shape of it I think...
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    a fine summation 13ball
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    Just had word that Huddersfield and Ripponden Band will be taking in South Hetton - so that's 37 known Bands and Banners
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    Collieries are not necessarily operative, in fact most aren't. The day is more a celebration of heritage and whilst there are obvious political overtones the atmosphere is very much one of a carnival, more so in recent years. There is no contest element just bands and banners celebrating their roots and shock horror entertaining large numbers of people who actually want to listen! Also, as I think andi failed to mention, much beer is drunk. Bands are usually paid and in some cases bands take their own pit banner eg murton, fishburn but most banners have outlasted the bands meaning bands from outside the north east are increasingly common. Ibelieve the Durham miners assoc puts banner groups in contact with interested bands. Westoe band are somewhat unusual in having outlasted the banner but this will be rectified this year as the banner has been recomissioned.
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    Defiantely a great day out. The politics do tend to be kept to the field but if you want to see great entertainment go and stand outside the County Hotel. The first bands march in around 9.30 and it usually takes 3-4 hours for them all to pass. In fact as the last bands are marching in the first ones are marching out again.

    Most bands will march around the villages before and after going to Durham and the support you get is fantastic.

    The support from the individual villages can be amazing. We normally take 4-5 bus loads of supporters with us. It's very surreal standing outside the Count playing while a couple of hundred people actually dance in and out of the band.

    An amazing day that can't really be described
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    Just got in from the Miners' Gala - great day again. I think it was bigger in terms of crowds than last year. A theme of this thread is to compile a complete list of the attending bands and banners. I did hear a French brass ensemble a few bands ahead of Westoe. Westoe followed GT Peterlee on to the County. Which band did you follow in? let me know and I'll try to order the list and fill in the gaps - for sure there were more than the 37 bands I know of.